All the Songs from the Netflix Movie's Next 365 Days Soundtrack

All the Songs from the Netflix Movie's Next 365 Days Soundtrack ...

The next 365 days, the latest installment in Netflix's popular and equally controversial erotic move series, is finally here, but complicates the narrative with a third person who threatens to ruin their relationship: Nacho (Simone Susinna).

While all of this is going down, The Next 365 Days is setting the scene with some killer tunes. After all, what better way to get in the mood than with some epic bangers? This is Netflix's answer to 50 Shades of Grey.

The Next 365 Dayssoundtrack includes a whole arsenal of musicians, but there's also plenty of music by EMO, as well as a handful of songs by Tommy Docherty. Those who enjoy music for the And365 Days will be surprised by Morrone's ability to contribute to the soundtrack.

The actor took some time away from his busy schedule playing Massimo to record some music that will be featured inThe Next 365 Days. His song, Angels, is included in the soundtrack of the latest film in the franchise, and Massimo has recorded music for previous movies as well.

Massimo explained how his new song and previous songs made their way into the films in an interview with Decider. He said, "Ive always played guitar. I've always composed songs for pleasure." I've always enjoyed acting. I'd been focusing on filming. But when I was on set for the first film, I was approached by the director and asked what I'd like to do other than acting."

And I was like, I like to compose songs. And Massimo was like, okay, let me listen to some of them,' he continued. And I let him listen to Dark Room and he fell in love and he was like, Why dont we include this song in the film? The song was there and the movie exploded and everything went.

Massimo confessed to Decider that he wrote Angels with his own children in mind: It's just a dream that I had about me and my kid flitting like angels in the clouds, playing in the clouds, and jumping in the clouds.

Are you interested in knowing what other songs are on the next 365 days soundtrack? Read on for a complete list of songs from the Netflix film:

JJ Abel feat. Mimaa Stranger by Jhn McFly feat. Marissa Closer by Jhn McFly feat. Marissa Kill This Love by Jozefina Lovesick by Jhn McFly feat. Tommy Docherty Choose by Ian Scott On Me by EMO feat. Oskar Cyms Angels by Michele Morrone Heartbeat by Ian Scott Control by Natalia Krakowiak

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