Sprung On Amazon Freevee, a Comedy About Prisoners Who Form Their Own Criminal Gang, You Can Stream It Or Skip It

Sprung On Amazon Freevee, a Comedy About Prisoners Who Form Their Own Criminal Gang, You Can Stream  ...

Greg Garcia's early days seem to have gone a long time ago. We were clinging to our groceries, trying not to scratch our faces, and being told that a few weeks in jail would flatten the curve, and we're willing to accept all of this as the setting for a comedy about newly-released convicts.


Opening Shot: Inmates walking around a jail. BASED ON TRUE EVENTS. SPRING 2020.

The Gist: When Jack (Garret Dillahunt) gets ready to talk to his girlfriend on the toilet phone in his cell, he and his cellmate Rooster (Phillip Garcia) receive word that they'll be released, like right now. This is because to a virus called the coronavirus; prisons are required to release non-violent prisoners in order to reduce crowding.

Jack, who was subjected to mandatory minimums in the 1990s, has no place to go and has no clue that the rest of the world is being shut down. Gloria (Shakira Barrera) happens to be Jack's toilet phone girlfriend.

Barb is also a small-time thief, who is regularly stealing packages off porches as more people shop online. She wants to take the money from Melvin (James Earl), the local toilet paper merchant who has been making cash since early pandemic outbreaks.

Barb is the only one willing to give him food (a heart-attack-inducing thing called John Wayne casserole) and a place to live, and he uses all of the knowledge he gained in prison to make the plan a lot more foolproof.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Greg Garcia, who wrote and directedSprung, has also producedMy Name Is Earl and Raising Hope (the latter of which also starred Dillahunt and Plimpton), and this series is very much in this vein.

Our Take: The reason whySprungworks works is twofold: First, it continues Garcia's formula of narrating humorous accounts of people struggling to get by, mixed with heartfelt moments that demonstrate that his characters have human emotions. But the other reason why it works is because it is the first program to really demonstrate the absurdity that those initial days, weeks, and months of the epidemic.

Maybe we needed the proper distance from that time, and who knew that proper distance equated to 28-29 months? Or maybe Garcia packs the first episode with the greatest hits from the early days of the epidemic, from flattening the curve to toilet paper shortages to news anchors reporting on the pandemic from their living rooms to the fact that we were told not to touch our faces. Most often, those gags disappear.

Will the pandemic gags continue? Wed imagine that Garcia would ease the pressure as the group merges and plans to murder a local legislator, Paula Tackleberry (Kate Walsh). But much of what Barb and her new crew are doing are borne from all of the crazy things that happened in 2020, especially as the country began to become increasingly divided over issues like masking and government lockdown orders. That will be a factor in this first season, even if Garcia takes his foot off the pandemic gag gas pedal

The other thing about SparlandHope is that he somehow gives characters like Jack a conscience that isnt just a ploy. In the first episode, Jack sees a nurse in a COVID ward who sleeps in her car and has to read to her son and daughter by phone. We suspect Gloria does as well, and maybe Rooster, who hates the fact that his ex Wiggles (Clare Gillies) is dating Melvin.

As long as Garcia stays true to the formula that made theEarlandHopelong series, the balance between character arcs, the group putting together the big score, and continued pandemic gags should make for a great first season.

Barb talks about fiddling with my bean, and continues to give Gloria the Polaroid of Roosters penis, but that's all there is to it.

Jack enjoys some Fruit Stripe gum while lying on a trampoline and looking at the stars while robbing Melvin and getting off clean. Over the ending credits, we see him leap up and down on that trampoline.

Shakira Barrera serves as Gloria's many responsibilities. She may or may not be a love interest for Jack. However, she is also an ambitious voice of reason who will strive to elevate the group beyond small-time employment.

Most Pilot-y Line: Some guy who was in jail for decades does not realize that the world is now gags, like Jack seeing various garbage cans for recycling and composting and saying, Garbage cans got fancy!

Greg Garcia will not beat a dead horse with pandemic gags onSprung, but they are a great introduction to Jack and the rest of the cast, and Garcia is well on his way to establishing character humor as the focus of the series.

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