Echoes on Netflix, where identical twins regularly live till one of them goes missing

Echoes on Netflix, where identical twins regularly live till one of them goes missing ...

Ever stop watching a program and rewind to try to remember what happened or what was said? Either the moment was so shocking that you have to replay it over and over again to decipher exactly what transpired. We rewound the last scene of the first episode ofEchoes three times. Sad to say, it wasnt because we were enthralled with it.


Opening Shot: A woman running through an upscale neighborhood.

Gina McCleary (Michelle Monaghan), an author living in Los Angeles, is very close to her identical twin sister Leni (also Monaghan), a horse farmer in Virginia. She calls her sister almost every day for advice, and they keep each other updated in an online journal. But she is worried that her normally-responsive sister will never return her calls.

Gina travels to her hometown to see where she can help if Leni is gone. She is so close to them that she would not know what to do once she passed away.

Gina is as pushy as Leni is relaxed, so when a days search comes to an end, she relies on Sheriff Louise Floss (Karen Robinson) to keep looking. The narrator, who was a deputy when Gina left town under extreme circumstances, knows what she's been through and tells deputy Paula Martinez (Rosanny Zayas).

Gina returns to the place where her father, Victor (Michael ONeill), resides with her younger sister Claudia (Ali Stoker), who completely resents Gina for leaving. Jack has hired Natasha (Maddie Nichols) and moved her niece Mattie (Gable Swanlund) to a different room. In addition, body parts from old creepy dolls her late mother gave her and Leni are missing.

Gina turns out to be Leni in a cave in her old haunts when they were kids, and the two regularly switch careers. It appears that Gina has vanished for good, as a note informs Leni that she may choose either of their lives in the future.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Echoes plays like an extremely dumb version of Orphan Black.

Our Take: There were a number of reasons why the first episode of Echoes, created and directed by Vanessa Gazy, groped on us. The first was the wooden acting by many individuals who have been excellent in other projects. Monaghan is particularly melodramatic as we hear her lyrically write to her sister in this online journal that makes no sense to us. Does she only see it occasionally, or does she text each other frequently?

The one who gives us a terrible performance is also awful. ONeill, who is usually good at directing, seems to have only marginalized his usual cantankerous federal agent persona into a cantankerous rancher character. And Robinsons folksy Sheriff Floss might be a bittoofolksy for the tone of this series. It doesnt help that all of these fine actors are saddled with lines that either are just plain bad or delves into too much detail.

If all of this were feasible, why would these women so often change their lives, because they spent so much time lying to their families and friends? And when Gina was revealed at the end of the first episode that she is actually Leni, we were left scratching our heads; we still werent sure which sister Monaghan was playing or which left. Her voice over at the end that said, OK, Gina, please return to being me so I can find out exactly what you did here to both of you.

At least in the first episode, Sex and Skin:None.

Leni returns to her house as herself, with braids intact, and a self-inflicted bruise on her head. She hugs Jack and Mattie, but her drawnl-inflected voice has her thinking about just what kind of agony Gina caused when she was Leni for the past year.

Sleeper Star: Good luck with Robinson as Sheriff Floss; yes, she may be too sarcastic at times, but she's taking the fun out of the role and going with it.

Gina replies, "No," when Charlie, a therapist, calls her over the phone.

SKIP IT. Echoes is without doubt one of the most tense and confusing shows weve ever seen in a while, and there seems to be nothing for a viewer to grab onto that would entice them to return to the second episode when the first is over.

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