Sharon Horgans New Series About Sisters Who Could Or Couldn't Killed Their Brother-In-Law: Stream It Or Skip It

Sharon Horgans New Series About Sisters Who Could Or Couldn't Killed Their Brother-In-Law: Stream It ...

Sharon Horgan is well-known for Catastropheover here in the United States, but she has been involved in a number of different series as a writer and producer. Most of them revolve around women who are struggling in life. But she has never written a dark comedy thriller before. Now, under her contract for Apple TV+, she has written a decent one.


Opening Shot: A woman dressed in an apron approaches her counter and cut up an onion for finger sandwiches.

Grace Williams (Anne-Marie Duff) is somewhat denial that her husband John Paul (Claes Bang) is dead; he is actually in his coffin in the next room. She goes to see him and is surprised to discover that his corpse has a hard-on.

Eva Garvey (Sharon Horgan) is busy half-watering plants outside her large house, then guzzles wine and takes what looks like a Xanax. Ursula Flynn (Sarah Greene) is too busy hiding from her husband and kids to notice Becka Garvey (Eve Hewson) on the road.

Thomas Claffin (Brian Gleeson) notices that a significant life insurance claim for John Paul has been filed, and he believes he should help him. If he pays out this claim, the insurance company their father founded will be wiped out, and he must find something to prevent a payout.

A flashback to six months ago reveals why none of the Garvey sisters were particularly upset about John Paul's death. He insults just about every sister, is controlling towards Grace, and even refuses a hug from Ursulas son, who has special needs.

Grace claims she's happy with John Paul, but she is manipulated into refusing to join the polar bear swim that she and her sisters have been doing since they were children. They briefly discuss what they could do to get John Paul out of the picture six months later.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Bad Sisterscan certainly fit nicely in the dark comedy about death category that included recent episodes likeDead To MeandThe End.

Our Take: With Horgan at the helm ofBad Sisters (she also co-written the first episode with Brett Baer and David Finkel), you know that most of what you'll get to see will be equally dark as funny, and vice versa. All of the projects she's been involved with, whether it'sCatastropheor things like This Way UporShining Vale, involve protagonists mostly women who can only be happy for so long before life deals them another shit

The first episode is more geared towards the dramatic than anything else, although the start starts off with a chubby guy, so its not all serious. Where the episode shines is in the flashbacks where we see John Paul's prickishness in action. He seems to have antipathy towards everyone in Graces family, and he shows it in ways that can be passively cruel as well as downright aggressively nasty. However, the sisters hate him the most when they see Grace disappearing from them.

Eva reveals that she was with the five Garvey sisters the night John Paul died, but life events have forged an unbreakable bond among them that they take immediate action when they notice it.

It's fascinating to observe how the sisters assemble around one another as the mystery surrounding John Paul's death unfolds, especially as the Claffin brothers continue to push to find something that would affirm the life insurance claim.

Becka meets Matt in the first episode, though she wants to avoid the funeral reception at a local pub. They know each other from the road accident and are friendly to each other, but Matt has no clue that Becka is one of Graces sisters.

The Garvey sisters sit outside Eva's house and promise to keep their stories straight and tell the insurance dick, as Eva calls Thomas, that Grace was with them when John Paul passed away. They also vow never to reveal anything about what they did.

Sarah Greene will play Bibi in all of her productions, mostly because she will be doing all of her acting with a patch over her right eye, something wed like to know more about, but just the fact that she has to focus on one eye open is something we're interested in.

Grace and John Paul's weird neighbor Roger (Michael Smiley) brings oysters to their house on Christmas Day. He planned to have them with his sister, but she fell badly on the way back from the pub. Good job, Roger!

STREAM IT. The first episode of Bad Sisters isnt wall-to-wall funny, but Horgan has created a group of interesting characters who all rally around the fact that their sister is a total prat. And that alone is what will keep us interested.

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