Trailer for Once Upon a Small Town: Gives Hometown Cha Cha Cha Cha Vibes

Trailer for Once Upon a Small Town: Gives Hometown Cha Cha Cha Cha Vibes ...

The Swoon released a stunning Once Upon a Small Town teaser today. The story is set in Huidong, a small town in the southern province of South Korea. The show stars Park Soo-yeong, Choo Young-woo, and Baek Sung-chul, all of whom promise the presentation to be informative and pleasant.

Ji-yul (Young-woo) is a passionate farmer who grows peaches in Huidong, and the town also has a brilliant police officer Ja-young (Soo-yeong) who treats civil cases and assists persons.

After seeing the teaser, Ja-young declares she isn't dating anyone and is focused on her job. However, the boys appear to be her admirers. Ji-Yul says that he's in love with the police officer. Everything looks colourful and like it's set in a storybook.

The Swoon released a brand new poster and wrote, Get away from the bustling city and breathe in the fresh country air with Park Soo-yeong, Choo Young-woo, and Baek Sung-chuls new drama, ONCE UPON A SMALL TOWN.

Below is a video for Once Upon a Small Town.

One person wrote, This is exactly the kind of drama that we need these days. Lots of chemistry, laughter, and beautiful scenery. Im so happy to see Park Sooyoung as Ahn Jayoung in The One and Only and this time shell be acting in a romantic comedy. She is a versatile actress and I like that she takes on different roles and genres.

Another person commented on the teaser, "I'm so excited to have it on Netflix." I canceled my subscription in April, but im now getting back for this program.

Netflix will release Once Upon a Small Time on September 5, 2022.

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