Jordan Peeles' Sci-Fi Horror Film Nope Consumes You In Its Strange Story

Jordan Peeles' Sci-Fi Horror Film Nope Consumes You In Its Strange Story ...

Nope is a science fiction horror film directed and directed by Jordan Peele. It features Daniel Kaluuya as Otis Jr Haywood/OJ, Keke Palmer as Emerald Haywood/Em, Steven Yeun as Ricky Jupe Park, Brandon Perea as Angel Torres, Michael Wincott as Antlers Holst, and Keith David as Otis Haywood Sr. Hoytema is the cinematographer, and Nicholas Monsour has edited the film.

Residents in a remote gulch of inland California witness an unexpected and shocking discovery, according to the synopsis.

OJ and his sister Em witness a spectacle in California that is a threat to human life. Since his father's time, the Haywood family has supplied horses to Hollywood for their films and shoots. However, the threat up in the sky alters everything for the Haywood family.

OJ, Em, and others try to figure out what the flying UFO-like object is hiding in the clouds, and how to save themselves and make money from it. After all, outer space aliens footage will give them fame and fortune. But will they be able to survive the danger? We will have answers in the end.

Peeles' best, most chilling films have been Nope. The first hour is slow-paced, with much confusion about what is happening. The premise build-up leaves us with many questions we wish to answer in the end.

The primary purpose for OJ and Em is to sell the crazy thing in the sky in a camera, and make a lot of money. But little did they know that what they are doing is sucking up humans inside it and killing them. The UFO-like creature is very specific about what it wants. It desires only flesh and blood.

Jordan teases us with a terrifying incident that took place on the sets of a TV show. Only one person survived to tell the story. Is it related to the story? That's another waiting game for viewers.

The second hour is decent, has a good pace, and keeps us on the edge of the seat. While OJ, Em, and Angel devise a strategy to discover what the UFO-like beast is up in the sky, we see lots of bloodshed and bizarre incidents. The third act made me engrossed but deeply confused.

We cant be certain about everything that is happening around us. The more we seek answers, the closer we get to killing ourselves. At least in Jordan Peele's horror universe. However, I wish there was some clarity given about so many things that happened on the big screen.

Daniel Kaluuya, who plays OJ, isnt much of a talker. He's just like us, trying to figure out what is happening! She's funny, radiant, and shines the most in her interactions with Daniel. Angel is funny as Angel.

Review of Nope: Final Thoughts

Nope is an interesting take on horror cinema that has some incredible moments but also leaves you confused. It's not dark and eerie like Peeles previous films, but the humor has the upper hand this time.

The third act is bizarre, wild, and engaging. The actors have done an excellent job. The scene that scared me the most is when the UFO-like creature takes its whole form during the conclusion. It looked like those creepy figures I see in my dreams sometimes.

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Nope Review: Jordan Peele's latest horror flick doesn't scare you but keeps you engaged.

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