Chanchal Chowdhury Starrer in Karagar Review is Simply Excellent

Chanchal Chowdhury Starrer in Karagar Review is Simply Excellent ...

Karagar is a Bengali mystery thriller TV series directed by Syed Ahmed Shawki that includes Chanchal Chowdhury, Intekhab Dinar, Tasnia Fareen, FS Nayeem, and Afzal Hossain, as well as other cast members. The series has seven episodes, each with a runtime of around 30 minutes.

Hoichoi translates the series as:

A suspect has appeared in Akashnagar Central Jails Cell No.145, which has been closed for 50 years, and claims immortality. Who is this mysterious man, and what secrets does he hold inside him?

The Karagar Review Doesn't Contain Spoilers

When a random prisoner is discovered in one of the cells, which has been closed for years, the usual problems take a backseat.

Karagar creates a savory mystery for all of us; the idea is so ridiculous that you just can't help but wonder whether or not it's a shared guilt thing from the past. Or is the guy mentally ill?

The more we know about the story, the more confusing things become. From the first minute on, Karagar gives us some information, but it's its vague information that only makes things more confusing. This results in a show that's completely arresting, and for viewers, it means you won't be able to watch it again until the first episode.

Its great that the program does not waste its time on unnecessary drama; you wont hide uninteresting new information that doesnt help the storyline; in turn, everything we see only makes the situation worse in a way and makes everything worse.

The unnamed extra prisoner only adds to the sense of dread and desperation that something horrible is lurking beneath the darkened walls of the jail. The setting is superb, although Not only the mystery prisoner, but Mostak Ahmed's life also is a topic of discussion and is quite confusing.

The others lives, which get muddled up in this mess, provide context, but does it have anything to do with the mysterious man's story? It's up to the listeners.

Chanchal Chowdhury is simply too good as prisoner 145 he does not say a word throughout the runtime, but every time we see him, it's easy to overlook him. He speaks with his eyes, and it's wonderful to see him; their pasts arent too great, and you'll really feel their pain as things begin to make sense.

Karagar's Summing Up

Karagar is an excellently-made program that opens its pages slowly and allows information to flow out in the most hilarious manner. As you question who this mysterious prisoner is, you become drawn into the lives of those around him.

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Karagar Review: There's little this series gets wrong and we're here for it.

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