Who will Laura end up with Massimo or Nacho in the next 365 days?

Who will Laura end up with Massimo or Nacho in the next 365 days? ...

The Next 365 Days, the thrilling sequel to 2020's 365 Days: This Day, will be available on Netflix beginning April 27, 2022, and it has ruled Netflix's worldwide chart. Nacho, played by Blanka Lipiska, begins his twisted love story in the hot Polish film, but things get more complicated when a mysterious newcomer shows up.

Laura and Don Massimo get engaged in 365 Days: This Day, but their union is doomed when Adriano, the Massimos twin, misidentifies Massimo for having sex with Anna, the Massimos ex, and leaves her husband, which forces Nacho to take her to a place where they can spend time together. It's possible that Adriano and Anna plotted to slay the other.

Who is Nacho on this Day in 365 Days?

When Laura first encounters Nacho in 365 Days: This Day, Laura realizes that the enigmatic man is attempting to infiltrate Massimo's criminal enterprise. Nacho discloses his pregnant sister and invites Laura to his house in the follow-up film, but Laura feels betrayed because she believes Nacho is simply excellent at lying.

Nacho appears determined when he declares that all of Laura's efforts were genuine, but his statements are void because Laura believes that everything he has done for her was complete the moment she told her the truth. Anna shoots Nacho when she tries to escape, and Massimo shoots Adriano when she is shot.

Laura will be able to choose between Massimo or Nacho in the next 365 days.

Blanka Lipiska's 365 Days films are based on her second novel, This Day, while the first 365 Days film is based on the first book. The Next 365 Days is believed to be based on Lipsika's third book of the same title. Massimo starts to abuse drugs when Laura and Nacho fall in love.

The third film in which Massimo murders Laura's dog is no longer being streamed on Netflix. However, fans are ecstatic about the result if Laura and Massimo return to Massimos' grasp and leave.

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