Leaked private partying video by Finland's premier ministers stirred controversy

Leaked private partying video by Finland's premier ministers stirred controversy ...

Online video showing private partying by Finland Prime Ministers sparks debate.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin of Finland is a first: at the age of 37, she is the youngest person to ever hold that position in Finland. Currently, her dancing skills are met with both astonishment and backlash.

This week, online videos claimed to depict 36-year-old Marin having a private party with friends. According to Finnish media, the Associated Press found Instagram stories where users could be heard shouting about cocaine. The footage was shot a few weeks ago, Marin said.

Prime Minister Marin has been urged to take a drug test and report the results, showing that her conduct is in breach of the duty of an opposition party leader. Prime Minister Purra has said that her acts are concealed by the shadow of doubt.

At a press briefing on Thursday, Marin denied having any drugs or excessive drinking at the gathering. She added, "I have danced, sung, celebrated, and done legal things."

Marin also expressed her dismay that the tapes had been released. Since the recordings were shown at an invitation-only meeting, Marin reasoned that they would not be made public. "It's awful that they have been released."

She said that she doesn't believe there is any reason to alter her behavior. The Prime Minister has said that he wants his resignation accepted.

Aleksi Valavuori, a Finnish television host, said the footage exposed Marin's incompetence and lambasted his conduct.

But many users of the internet have joined in to support Marins right to party, claiming that her behavior has been unfairly sexist.

Sanna Marin is the Prime Minister of Finland, who many have criticized for being cool among other young people. But is she really a responsible leader for a country in crisis? She is by far the most incompetent PM we have ever had. Knows nothing. Please remove your leather jacket and resignation.

Speaking of daily sexism, Finland is still in the "I saw Goody Marin dancing with the devil" age of misogyny. Their Prime Minister was dancing at a party with other MPs, but guess who gets criticized. https://t.co/BqLhygvbEB

The criticism of Marins social life isn't new. After a colleague tested positive for the coronavirus in December 2017, critics argued that Marin should have taken extra care to avoid spreading the virus by continuing to party. The Prime Minister did not violate any laws in her actions. Persons who have been vaccinated against the disease in Finland are not required to remain in isolation if they come into contact with a confirmed case of the disease. She also expressed disappointment, stating that she had been instructed to isolate herself by text message

Marin has reacted by saying, "I have a family life, I have a work life, and I have free time to spend with my friends." That is about average for people of my age. She has regularly shown up at public gatherings like concerts and festivals.

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