Wisdom Gaming has launched Wisdom Labs in order to further support game developers on Web3

Wisdom Gaming has launched Wisdom Labs in order to further support game developers on Web3 ...

Wisdom Gaming is establishing a new development division called Wisdom Labs to expand its Web3 offerings for other gaming businesses.

Wisdom Gaming, an esports and gaming event broadcast and production company based in Bloomington, Minnesota, has a facility at the Mall of America in Minnesota. It has recently expanded into blockchain services, where it will provide Web3 technology to other game businesses.

The first partnership with Wisdom Labs is to assist Kingdom Studios in the development and implementation of blockchain services for the expansion of the player-versus-player game Defi Kingdoms.

Wisdom Labs enhances the parent company's internal broadcast and product offerings and provides services within the Web3 space for brand partners. Services include broadcast production, augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile game development, and Web3 integration.

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Kingdom Studios hired Wisdom Labs as a partner to develop their PvP game mode. With components like augmented reality, Twitch extensions, and virtual reality, Wisdom Labs enhances Wisdoms current broadcast offerings and attracts fan interest.

The Wisdom Labs development team creates tools and services to enhance Wisdoms internal work and to broaden offerings for viewers and guests at live events.

Wisdom Labs will act as an extension, bringing to life Web3 projects, whether it be blockchain games, Web3 integrations, smart contract development, or other services. An example is DeFi Kingdoms' PvP game mode as a mobile companion app, including developing the artistic vision, testing the gameplay, and launching the game mode.

In a statement, Wisdom Labs was created to build on the incredible work our broadcast and events teams have become well-known for within the gaming industry. Our high-caliber team empowers internal teams to push the envelope of whats possible while allowing our partners to enter the space in a safe and controlled manner.

The Wisdom Labs collaboration arose out of a shared belief that no one strategy is sufficient for creating and supporting all gaming communities.

Frisky Fox, the creator of Kingdom Studios, said he's thrilled to work with Wisdom Labs on a long-awaited PvP game mode. We've known that the expansion of Defi Kingdom is in good hands, thus we can concentrate on other aspects of the game.

Wisdom Gaming has around 80 employees, and it recently opened Wisdom Gaming Studios, a production and event space. Later this month, Wisdom Gaming will host Gold Rush: Totally Excellent Weekend at Mall of America, where some of the most notable names in Rocket League will compete to be crowned Gold Rush Champion.

Wisdom Labs will be both a creative agency and a development team. It works with technology to bring projects from concept to completion, all under one roof. Service offerings include Web3 integrations, smart contract development, security audits, token development, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain-based mobile game development, decentralized app (Dapp) development, and in-app purchase support.

Wisdom Labs also offers Web2 services such as full-stack development, UX/UI design, Twitch extensions, and ecommerce platform development.

Wisdom Gaming provides esports production services for esports organizations, including Torrent and the Minnesota Varsity League (MNVL), that span professional, amateur, and scholastic levels of competition.

Wisdom Gaming has been expanding continuously since 2019 and the company wanted to enhance its capabilities for both its internal teams and external partners. Wisdom Labs was created to provide Wisdom Gaming and external partners an opportunity to enter the Web3 space in an authentic, safe, and meaningful way.

Anderson has been an active participant in the crypto industry for years as an entrepreneur with a genuine interest for the industry. Anderson and Wisdom Labs project manager Adin Zweigbaum set out to create Wisdom Labs to demonstrate the positive impact of Web3 and how to dispel some of the misconceptions in the space.

Dreamer, the president of Wisdom Gaming, said in an email that the DeFi Kingdoms long-term vision includes partnerships with individuals and groups. Each major feature is designed and executed with great care and attention to detail.

Dreamer has been added to the game. A game committee focusing on PvP with game lead from Kingdom Studios and Wisdom Labs meets regularly to push forward progress while ensuring the vision remains on track. I have seen firsthand the dedication for DFK from the team at Wisdom Labs, and I am excited for what we can do to the community.

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