Arcion now reads Oracle logs and promises a 10-fold faster data replication

Arcion now reads Oracle logs and promises a 10-fold faster data replication ...

Arcion (formerly Blitzz), a California company that provides a fully managed solution to transfer transactional data to cloud-based data platforms in real-time, is making data extraction from Oracle databases faster with a new native log reader.

Arcions' latest release allows enterprises to read Oracle logs directly during replication, eliminating the need to use Logminer or other less efficient or efficient sources. According to the company, this, coupled with its distributed and parallel architectural design, guarantees unlimited scalability and data extraction speeds of data platforms such as Databricks, Snowflake, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SingleStore, and Yugabyte.

Many older CDC tools (Qlik Attunity, Fivetran-acquired HVR) do not provide this capability, but they do require considerable effort to both setup and manage, which is not the case with Arcion.

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Making data replication more straightforward

The latest Arcion release simplifies Oracle users' experience in interpreting data definition languages and data transformations.

The platform's schema evolution feature has been extended to automatically capture DDL changes from a source database and replicate them in the target data platform. This saves data engineers from the manual effort to maintain schema alignment between the source and target databases.

Oracle Golden Gate is the only CDC software that supports out-of-the-box schema evolution, such as Snowflake or Databricks. Any data organization that adopts such systems will find that solution inadequate. Alternately, the data team will have to invest in manual resources to handle the schema evolution with other alternative CDC solutions, according to the CEO.

Arcions is introducing a zero-code capability that allows enterprises to perform data transformations on the fly. This eliminates the need to dedicate engineering time to creating a staging table (e.g., Kafka) and writing customized code to change data on the target.

Oracle log reader availability.

The Oracle log reader is currently in beta and will be extended later this month, while the other two capabilities are now available as part of the fully-hosted version of Arcion.

Arcion is expanding its offerings by adding Google BigQuery and Azure-Managed SQL Server as new sources, as well as Imply (founded by the original creators of Apache Druid) as a new goal. A few months ago, the company raised $13 million in series A funding at a valuation of $65 million.

Despite the epidemic, the data replication and protection software market showed more resilience in 2020 than expected, according to Phil Goodwin, IDC's infrastructure systems, platforms, and technologies research division. We anticipate the market to return to its normal growth trajectory by 2025, with an anticipated 11.1 percent CAGR.

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