Tommy Dorfman, an alum, has been married to a gay girl for 13 reasons

Tommy Dorfman, an alum, has been married to a gay girl for 13 reasons ...

Tommy Dorman is engaged.

On Monday, an O.C. alum told Rachel Bilson on the Broad Ideas podcast that her unnamed partner is a cis woman, instead of calling her new partner a gay girl.

Dorfman, 30, said that the romance has been very fulfilling and that she intends to spend the remainder of her life with her partner.

After her ex-husband Peter Zurkuhlen, the actress went on to describe her desire to date women.

She explained that she knew that she was interested in women in a way I hadnt been aware of since high school. This was a puzzle, unexplored thing.

She said she was like, This is the year that I'll go on some dates with girls and feel that out again, and not feel ashamed about it.'

After her transition, Dorfman married the 34-year-old entrepreneur in 2016 and told Time magazine five years later that they had redefined their relationship as friends.

The thought of being 29 and returning to puberty is harrowing. Some days I feel like Im 14. As a result of that change, the types of romantic partnerships I seek out are different, according to Zurkuhlen in July 2021, seven months before she filed for divorce.

She stated that after a nine-year relationship with a gay man, I was thought of as a more male-bodied person. Weve been learning that what I'm interested in isn't necessarilyreflected in a gay man.

Dorfman took a year off from the interview privately, but she assured Bilson on Monday that she would have made the decision a lot sooner if it weren't for her role on 13 Reasons Why as Ryan Shaver.

The Fordham University graduate believes that because of my work being so tied to my body and face and, like, identity, it hampered some of my growth and maturation in my mid-20s.

While playing the gay cisgender male, Dorfman noted that she compartmentalized the parts of herself that she admires about her gender identity.

She continued. When it came to anything concerning dysphoria or gender or stuff that had already been really present, I was like, Nope, that's not for now.'

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