Another Disney Theme Park Ride Is Making A Movie

Another Disney Theme Park Ride Is Making A Movie ...

Bert & Bertie, a co-director of the popular theme park attraction, has launched a five-issue series inspired by the mountain's history, including a remake of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Bert & Bertie, Amber Templemore-Finlayson, and Katie Ellwood will serve as co-directors on the popular theme park attraction-based feature following the success of films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise. The duo previously worked with the House of Mouse, directing three episodes of the HBO series Our Flag Means Death.

Michele and Kieran Mulroney, who have writtenSherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadowsand the 2017Power Rangersreboot, have given us a solid backstory. The details vary depending on the park location, but all follow the same general narrative.

Gold was discovered on the American Southwest in the late 1800s. Following the discovery, a sleepy little mining town became a bustling one almost overnight (Rainbow Ridge in Disneyland, Tumbleweed in Florida, Thunder Mesa in Disneyland Paris). But the mountain was also sacred to Native Americans. After they were removed from their homes, the tribe placed a curse on the property.

The damage causes a major disaster, which varies from park to park, either as an earthquake (Tokyo Disneyland) or a flash flood (Walt Disney World), which wipes out the whole area, forcing residents to flee the settlement. Sometime later, the locomotives were discovered to be motorized around the mountain on their own, without engineers or crew.

The sounds of Big Thunder Mountainstrains were recorded and used as sound effects for the mine cart chase sequence in Steven Spielberg and George Lucas' 1984 adventure film,Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.Following the popularity of the Harrison Ford films, Disneyland would later get its own Indiana Jones attraction in 1995. The company then went on to buy Lucasfilm in 2012.

TheBarbiestar was previously linked to a reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean. ABC ordered a pilot based on the ride, but the idea was eventually scrapped.

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