If not for 13 reasons, Tommy Dorfman would have transitioned a lot sooner

If not for 13 reasons, Tommy Dorfman would have transitioned a lot sooner ...

Tommy Dorfman, who announced recently she is engaged to a cis-woman who she described as a homosexual girl, and who is well-known for her role on Netflix's hit show 13 Reasons Why, talked about the effects the episode had on her transition. According to her, she would have transitioned much sooner if she hadn't booked the role.

She admitted that she was just trying to understand [myself] in the initial episodes of the Broad Ideas podcast.

Dorfman said that 13 Reasons Why was her first real professional gig. She starred as recurring character Ryan Shaver in the first and second seasons of the series, before returning as a guest in the fourth. Both seasons of the series, which told the story of a high school girl who committed suicide, made it to Netflixs list of most popular series and films, according to ScreenRant.

Dorfman claims that if I had not reserved that job, I would have transitioned significantly sooner. In my 20s, I made decisions that were simply not in line with who I am or what I desired, but out of fear.

In a Timeonline interview last year, Dorfman said she's most wellknown for playing a bitchy gay poet on a soap opera, and that she feared that she'd lose the career she'd been promised.

Im no longer interested in playing male characters, except perhaps in a Cate Blanchett playing Bob Dylan way. Sometimes you just have to say, No, this is just who I am.'

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