Mackenzie Dipman, a returning islander, is a character on Love Island USA

Mackenzie Dipman, a returning islander, is a character on Love Island USA ...

Love Island USA takes away from romance, but also givesth. Thats exactly what viewers saw in Tuesdays episode, when five Islanders were put on vacation and one Mackenzie Dipman was prepared to return for a second chance. But, like, there are a million Islanders right now and the seasons gotta start wrapping up!

Mackenzie Dipman is returning to Love Island, according to last nights episode. Right after Chazz, Bella, Chanse, and Jared were voted off for being the least popular, and right after Kat voluntarily left the island to live with Jared, the show threw audiences a beach blonde curveball. Over footage of a washed-up teddy bear (hi Gus) and Mackenzie walking on the beach, you were left in the dark.

Mackenzie Dipman, who is she?

Mackenzie was previously a student of Scottsdale, Arizona, who loved millionaires, Matthew McConaughey, and sports. She was mostly teamed up with Connor Trott for Love Island USA Season 2.

When did Mackenzie and Connor break up?

Mackenzies was married to a man in his early 20s, and they split up in March 2021, six months after meeting in the villa on Season 2. Both said they realized that their careers were keeping them on different coasts and pulling their lives in different directions. Totally valid reason!

Was Mackenzie dating Carl Radke from Bravos Summer House?

Yes, the pair had a brief connection during Season 6 of the Bravo reality show, but it's totally gone. Radke is now back in the villa with Lindsay Hubbard and Mackenzies.

Adam Collard returned to Love Island UK for the second time in the franchise's history. The second time was just a few weeks ago.

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