During Week 6, Gabby celebrated a seasonal rose ceremony

During Week 6, Gabby celebrated a seasonal rose ceremony ...

The Bachelorette's current season has been a game changer in many ways. First, and most obvious, was the decision to have two leads at the helm. Then, there was the Week 3 rose ceremony, where the men had to choose whether or not to pursue Gabby or Rachel. But in Episode 6, which aired on August 15, we had perhaps the biggest head-scratcher of the season, thanks to Gabby's decision to enter Hometowns week with three contestants rather than four.

Gabby selected six candidates from her cast, including Logan Palmer and Nate Mitchell, at the start of the episode, beginning with a very nasty break-up with Nate during their one-on-one date. Likewise, Logan went to Gabby because he was unable to fulfill his promise of a stepdaughter.

Spencer Left The Bachelorette Why Did He Leave?

Spencer, Johnny, Erich, and Jason were the only ones left at the Week 6 rose ceremony. Because Logans COVID situation resulted in a precautionary cancellation of the episodes cocktail party, Gabby decided she only wanted to choose three men for her hometown dates. Without Spencer, the card was stacked against her.

What Are Gabby's Hometown Dates?

Gabby gave the highly coveted Hometown roses for the first time in recent memory when a Bachelorette was expected to meet just three families. She will visit Johnnys family in North Palm Beach, Florida, and Erich's hometown in Bedminster, New Jersey.

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