Dior Introduces Its First Water-Based Perfume

Dior Introduces Its First Water-Based Perfume ...

If you think of the classic JAdore Dior perfume, you may think of Charlie Theron, who emerged from a shimmering molten pool, dripping in head-to-toe gold. With its introduction in 1999, the heady, floral-musk fragrance has begun to resurrect its cult reputation: JAdore Parfum Deau. Dior claims that this perfume launch is NOT your mothers JAdore, and challenges the established perfume development rules.

The new JAdore Parfum DEau contains a milky-white juice created by a unique nano-emulsion technique that allows two liquids that normally wouldn't pair well together in this case, water and an oily perfume concentrate, to blend by splitting the oils into nano droplets at high pressure, making the product non-sticky and more hydrating to the skin. The white coloring comes from the nano-particles suspended in the water via the emulsion technique.

The scent is like an exotic floral bouquet, containing orange blossom water from Grasse, Damascena rose, and magnolia, but with a softer scent that I find more effective than other Eau de Parfums.

With the launch of its first innovative water-based perfume, Dior hopes to introduce a new fragrance category to the market. Time will tell how long JAdore Parfum DEau will last, but if it stays around as it did before, it will be a while.

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