The Elite Daily Newsletter will be published on August 16, 2022

The Elite Daily Newsletter will be published on August 16, 2022 ...

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Here's When Brooklyn Wants Kids With Nicola

Brooklyn said, "Its just me and her." However, it's anyone's guess on how long the couple will remain single. He is a good father who wants to raise a lot of kids. READ MORE

This Is Who Your Zodiac Sign Is Not Most Compatible With

Im going to have to say, Sorry, Liam Hemsworth, it's just not meant to be: Youre a Capricorn, and then I'll send him this article. If you keep having the same issues, it might be due to some fundamental astrological error.


This New American Girl Podcast Will Make You Feel Your Feelings

From the memes to the desire to dress like your doll, we are all in the throes of an American Girl renaissance, and I'm definitely here for it. BRB, taking Kirsten out of my closet so she can listen with me.

Black Women in Metal Music Are Screaming We Belonging

Hardcore rock and metal are more than just music genres; they are also visceral narratives from a pointed perspective; the perfect outlet for an emotional release of defiance, despair, and more in a culture that too often demonizes their anger.


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