Viewers Sympathies with Manti Teo; Question Catfish's Intentions: Untold The Girlfriend Who Didnt Exist Reactions

Viewers Sympathies with Manti Teo; Question Catfish's Intentions: Untold The Girlfriend Who Didnt Ex ...

Untold The Girlfriend Who Didnt Exist is a two-part documentary film made by Ryan Duffy and Tony Vainuku for the Untold series. Untold Volume 2 is a four-week docu-series event that once again brings fresh eyes to Netflix's vast world of sports.

Each film will be premiered weekly, and begins at a critical moment, then delves deeper into what transpired beyond the headlines, as told by those who lived it, to reveal the strength, resilience, triumph, violence, humor, and pathos beneath the sweat.

Manti Teo's life from Notre Dame to the NFL sprang out of nowhere until a secret online relationship sent his life and career spiraling. Born in a Hawaiian paradise, all-American football legend Manti Teo lives a simple existence that can be summed up in three words: faith, family, and football.

The increasing scrutiny of Manti Teo and the person behind the online identity, Ronaiah Naya Tuiasosopo, provide insight into the events that led to this outrage.

The two-part documentary film has been an eye-opener for viewers who are sympathetic to the player who had to go through such an awful ordeal in the public eye. Many viewers who remember reading about the incident in the newspaper and perhaps even partake in taking digs at him now feel sorry for what happened.

Many blame the media for dismissively reporting the incident, claiming Manti to be a part of the whole catfishing hoax. They highlight how media reports can make or break someones life and career. Apart from that, viewers think the perpetrator does not realize how they messed up things big time.

Some people remark on how Naya acted to be in a hospital and doing the act of breathing through an oxygen mask on phone calls. They feel that she still needs some reflection and should apologize for playing with someone's feelings in such a torturous manner. Conclusively, everyone believes that Manti deserves an apology for all the things that he has done.

Below are some reactions to Untold The Girlfriend Who Didnt Exist.

Just watched Netflixs Untold GF that didnt exist Manti Teo's documentary. So impressed with his incredible strength and poise during such a difficult and embarrassing time. I couldn't imagine going through something like that at the age of 21.

Serves as a great reminder that you never fully anticipate what others are going through. Right?Manti was put through the damn ringer but still beat the clock every single day. Amazingly tough-minded person, and a testament to perseverance.

The nfl penalized Manti Teo because they believed he was gay, and he lost out on sponsorship money, all because he was catfished by a transgender. Everyone mocked him. Its more the cruel side of humans.

Manti Teo's three key takeaways: Everyone owes him an apology If it had happened today, I regret that the internet would have reacted the same way. Everyone loves the tea, drama, and jokes Manti aged quite nicely.

This Manti Teo documentary is a shambles. I cant imagine a person who catfishes another person and just brush it off with I was going through a lot like please figure out how to get help. You dont have to bring someone down.

The Untold: Manti Te'o's Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist A documentary on the catfisher gave her a whole lot of ground to justify what she did. Which was essentially ruining Manti's life and career. It's a mystery how she can sit there and express no remorse.

The Manti Teo documentary is a great example of how subtly reactionary media can be. Dude went through the worst two months of his life and the media made him appear to be complicit.All while being a really decent (albeit somewhat naive) guy.

Untold: The Girlfriend who didnt exist demonstrates the media is the real villain. SNL, David Letterman, and all these guys blatantly ridicule Mantai without confirming the stories or being empathic have demonstrated their shallowness. I hope they will find courage to apologize to him. #MantiTeo

In the Manti Teo documentary, there is so much to unravel. I have zero sympathy for Naya/Ronaiah for attempting to conceal this outrageous act as part of her trans journey. She deserves nothing, let alone the peace she has now in her life. #Untold #Netflix

The person who catfished him should be in jail. For an entire month he would call her fake brother and then she would make noises to sound like she was on life support. True Psychopath/Scumbag stuff

Manti Te'o's story has to be one of the worst I've ever heard. Guy did absolutely nothing wrong and was a student athlete that led by example. Giving Ronaiah a platform to gain more attention than she has already received was a questionable choice.

It's sad to see someone manipulate another's feelings and vulnerability. People are quick to ridicule him for being catfished or for neglecting to pay attention to the person who played with his life. Manti Teo, a great man with an even greater gift! Untold: The Girlfriend

My head is boggled when I read the Untold Manti Teo story and how this man's life and career was ruined by someone else. You can tell Naya has no remorse. I can understand why you found yourself at the expense of someone else.

Manti Teo's Netflix documentary is amazing; I used to chuckle at the jokes, but after seeing the emotional toll it took on him and the selfishness behind the fake, I've changed my mind.

Manti Teo's documentary has just been released. It was heartbreaking to witness what that young man had to go through. Dont always buy into the first click of bad media. & if it is true, do not always feel the need to tear down. I can't imagine going public at the age of 22.

Untold The Girlfriend Who Didnt Existis now available onNetflix.

After seeing it, what do you think of the film? Let us know in the comment section below.

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