Flexion is contacting TikTok influencers on behalf of game designers

Flexion is contacting TikTok influencers on behalf of game designers ...

Flexion is targeting TikTok influencers for a reliable, low-cost, low-cost user acquisition return. Audiencly, the company's influencer marketing agency, is changing a chunk of its nearly 7,000 top influencers by using a service from Liteup Media.

After matching the correct target demographic, game designers can customize content.

The service tracks influencer followers and charges developers once a user has installed the game being advertised. (User acquisition is critical to get games noticed amid a sea of competition, but it has become harder recently as Apple prioritizes privacy over targeted advertising in mobile games).

Ads only work if people see them.

TikTok is expected to reach 1.5 billion users by the end of 2022. More than half of them will be in the zoomer generation. As of 2021, more than 80% of them will play video games.

Next GamesBeat Summit 2022

This October 25-26, gaming leaders will meet live in San Francisco to discuss the future opportunities within the gaming industry.

They're, in essence, the ideal audience for advertising.

According to Audiencly CEO Adrian Kotowski, TikTok has the potential to reach a whole new generation of game players. It's vital for game developers to include influencers on the platform in their marketing mix. By giving our carefully curated group of content creators the opportunity to add TikTok to their output, were giving our clients instant access to this channel.

The entire site promotes things going viral. Even someone with a small following may suddenly land millions of views out of nowhere. If a developer's ad goes viral, it's the same result the developer is not breaking the bank in the first place.

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