Jackass Is Completely Done By Bam Margera

Jackass Is Completely Done By Bam Margera ...

Bam Margera has been a part of the Jackass series since the very beginning, alongside Johnny Knoxville and others. However, he was removed fromJackass Forever for many reasons, particularly due to his drug addictions.

Bam Margera has filed a lawsuit against Paramount and others for wrongful termination from the Jackass Forever film. Margera had a contract with the studio that required him to meet certain requirements in terms of his personal wellness in order to be included in the film. Margera failed that test and was then released.

BamMargera has finally settled the Jackss lawsuit as previously reported. Many fans were pleasantly surprised to learn that Bam Margera was able to resolve the case.

Margera declared that Jackass is a thing of the past for him and that he is completely done with it for the time being. He was quite steadfast in his decision.

Everything is created for a reason, and I'm much happier if I didn't get involved in it. I won't want to do that anymore. I want to be a part of it. Now that its gone, I'm much happier.

After having withdrawn from rehab a few times, Bam Margera isn't in the best position. His wife and son also refuse to see him, and his personal life is in jeopardy. We hope things will improve for him, but a return to Jackass seems to be beyond our expectations.

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