Ines Hyster Asserson's Royalteen Review: It's Abruptly Enjoyable

Ines Hyster Asserson's Royalteen Review: It's Abruptly Enjoyable ...

Royalteen is a young-adult drama film directed by Per-Olav Srensen and Emilie Beck, which includes Ines Hyster Asserson, Mathias Storhi, and Elli Muller Osborne, among other actors. The series has a runtime of 107 minutes.

The movie is described by Netflix as:

When a teenager tries to conceal her scandal-ridden past and a key secret from getting out, she falls in love with the crown prince.

The Royalteen Review Does Not Contain Spoilers

Royalteen seems to begin right in the middle of an ongoing story in Lenas' life. It's a shock as the story begins, and you are left to scramble to discover the pieces which seem to be missing. Unlike our teen with a traumatic past, the drama is an awkward viewing from the first minute.

The important thing to keep in mind is that it's a teen film where things are resolved in a minute, and there are only minor problems in life. It's nice to get out of the horrible reality of our lives and get lost in their splendor if only things were this easy and beautiful!

Royalteen is strangely slow at the same time. Its such a strange thing to witness but oddly satisfying at the same time. In spite of an awkward start, the film is the perfect movie for a dull day and has nothing that is too much to make you think much. It's a royal love story, like the prince and the pauper kind of thing, where you can get lost for a moment and enjoy a moment where everything seems to be possible.

Regardless of her awkward and erratic behavior, Lena seems to be an interesting character, and there appears to be a mental illness issue in her traumatic past. As the film progresses, more of her character emerges, which defines who she is as a person. You do feel some sympathy, even if it's just a little.

Karl and Margrethe have issues of their own, mostly concerned with living as a member of the royal family. Their entire runtime is mostly taken up by Lena and her confusing past, which is a shame since the way the film closes shows there's more to the picture.

None of this will come as a surprise to viewers; it's painfully obvious what's going on. Nevertheless, its an enjoyable movie that concludes the movie exactly as you'd expect it to, clean and without many unnecessary details.

Ines Hyster Asserson plays her part earnestly and is really relatable and sweet. Given the circumstances, she has a lot of different emotions. You sense her joy and suffering, as well as every other difficult emotion that she goes through.

The ending, however, is rather worrisome and abrupt, without explanation. It felt like the authors just had to give up on a cliffhanger so they could continue the story with part two. Its so confusing as to the necessity of such an abrupt and strange ending.

Royalteen, Summing Up

Royalteen is a simple and expected teen drama that does what it does best, keeping things nice and simple. The film has some moving moments that hit the emotional high points in the narrative and provide depth. In the end, enjoy the film for some good time.

Royalteen is now available on Netflix.




Royalteen is a simple and sweet teen romance movie that ends on a rather abrupt note!

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