The 30 Best Costa Brava Beaches to Visit

The 30 Best Costa Brava Beaches to Visit ...

Costa Brava's beaches are a great European summer getaway. They come with clear blue and green waters, rugged coastlines, quaint villages, and plenty of sunshine. Along the coast, youll find many bays and coves with beaches hidden between cliffs. Or, long stretches of beach provide a retreat to relax and enjoy the sun.

Playa Santa Cristina 1.

Playa Santa Cristina is situated between Lloret de Mar and Blanes and is easily accessible by car. There's a dirt track running from the parking lot to the beach, which can be accessed for a daily fee of around eight to ten euros, and there's plenty of time to relax. In the summer, the water is calm and clear, and the family loves the view!

Cala Treumal is a two-day event held in the city of San Francisco.

Cala Treumal, a smaller cove just next to Playa Santa Cristina, is a popular beach resort with soft sand and rocky surrounds. It is accessible from the nearby parking lot (around ten euros per day) or by walking along the sand from Santa Cristina and through a rocky formation. Its similar to many European beaches, but it's packed with activity during the summer months.

Cala Boadella 3.

The Cala Boadella is an excellent beach near Lloret de Mar, hidden beneath a steep, pine-covered escarpment. Its easy to get to because you have to walk quite a bit. However, during the peak season, there is a beach bar serving meals and toilets for everyone.

Playa de Fenals: 4.

Playa de Fenals is one of the main beaches near Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava. It's a 700 meter long beach with fine sand, which is easily accessible from many hotels, restaurants, and a boardwalk along the top. This beach is ideal for families and couples because of its shallow waters and its ability to snorkel with marine life. During the peak of summer, it can get very crowded.

5.Canyelles' Platja

Platja de Canyelles is a protected bay in Costa Brava that has coarse golden sand, turquoise waters with a shallow slope, and a beach bar. Some of these are seasonal and only open during the summer months, while the 450-meter-long stretch of beach is great for snorkeling.

6.Cala Es Codolar

Cala Es Codolar is a small cove in Tossa de Mar, nestled beneath steep cliffs and the 12th-century Muralles. It's not as accessible for strollers or people with mobility limitations as the beach, which is crowded throughout the summer. There's also a beach bar for drinks and ice cream during the high season.

7.Platja Gran

Tossa De Mar, in Costa Brava,'s main beach, is Platja Gran. It's located in the city, within walking distance of many central hotels. There's also a promenade that leads to the beach. Facilities include beach chairs and umbrella hire (seven euros per hour), restrooms, wheelchair access ramps, and water activities.

Platja Mar Menuda is a Spanish restaurant.

Platja Mar Menuda is a small sand beach that is popular with families because it offers excellent snorkeling at the eastern end. There is also a shallower, protected water near the shore, and a scuba diving school nearby. Parking is free on weekends, but it's still quite expensive.

9.Cala Bona

Cala Bona is a small, rocky island three kilometers north of Tossa de Mar that offers stunning views from the cliffs. There is no umbrella hire or parking, but there is a pub nearby that serves beverages and food in the high season.

Cala Pola 10.

Continue a few kilometers further north of Cala Bona to discover another small cove called Cala Pola. It's a beautiful bay, with clear waters and fine sand in the distance. Access is limited in summer, but it's still popular for families and boaters.

11.Cala Giverola

The beauty of Cala Giverola is only six kilometers northeast of Tossa de Mar. The beach is surprisingly shallow at only 200 meters long and 25 meters wide, and you may only use it if you are a pro swimmer. However, there is no hire facility available on the beach, so take a glass-bottom boat tour.

12.Cala Futadera

Cala Futadera is a small, aberrant stretch of coarse sand that is well-known due to its somewhat precarious descent to the sand. The stunning clear waters are seen here in many shades of blue. During the peak of summer, however, there are no restrooms, so you'll need to bring your own snacks, umbrellas, or towels.

13.Cala del Senyor Ramon

Cala de Senyor Ramon is an ideal beach in Costa Brava that isn't very touristy or crowded, and it offers natural shade so you can soak up the sun without the tan lines. The access trail is steep, and there are sometimes temporary closures due to rock falls, so always check ahead of time. However, you will be rewarded with clear blue waters and plenty of time to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

Cala Sa Conca 14.

Cala Sa Conca is a beautiful 400-meter stretch of beach in Costa Brava that is divided in two. Both have fine golden sand; however, one has more rocks on the seabed, making it a perfect snorkeling destination. In the warmer months, there is a beach bar.

Cala Cap Roig is a 15-day event.

Cala Cap Roig is a small cove located two kilometers north of Platja DAro and is accessible by foot along the Cami de Ronda coastal trail. It's best to wear reef shoes to protect your feet from the sea breeze in summer.

16.Platja Torre Valentina

The town of Sant Antoni de Cologne is a beautiful promenade lined with hotels, restaurants, and shops. It's not crowded, as it's the main beach in the area.

17.Platja de La Fosca

Cala de la Fosca is a lovely beach north of Palamos that is known for its fine sand beaches. It is also a popular holiday destination for families because of its long and gentle climb to the sea. There are also a few beach clubs on the sand, as well as a place where you may hire water sports or sun beds (15 euros per hour). During the off-season and weekdays, you'll encounter plenty of activity.

Platja de Llafranc: 18.

The Platja de Llafranc is one of the main attractions of the small tourist town of Llafranc. It has beautiful, soft sand and is ideal for swimming. Other facilities include showers, boat hire, and accessibility aids for persons with disabilities. Its a urban beach, so its close to many shops, restaurants, bars, and a few hotels. At the eastern end, there's also a marina.

Tamariu's 19.Platja

Enjoy the natural beauty of Platja de Tamariu, a small but charming beach that has maintained its original charm, despite overdevelopment. There are, however, ramps onto the beach and adaptable showers for persons with limited mobility. Along the beach's top, there are several restaurants and bars nearby.

20.Platja dAiguablava

Platja dAiguablava near Begur on the Costa Brava is a must-see summer destination. Its surrounded by dramatic turquoise waters and excellent facilities. You can swim, snorkel, and paddleboard in the nearby dive shop. The waters are calm and protected with a mixture of sand and rock bottom, so its ideal for families.

21.Platja Sa Tuna

Platja Sa Tuna is a small pebbled beach that overlooks a white-washed village on the coast of Cala dAiguiafreda. Other facilities include disabled restrooms and showers. It's not a very large beach, but it's lovely during the summer months.

22.Platja de Sa Riera

The largest beach in Costa Brava, 230 meters long and 75 meters wide, has coarse golden sand. Amenities include water sports hire (pedalos, kayaks, paddleboards, toilers, reduced mobility access), and beach chairs and umbrellas for hire (21 euros).

Platja de lIlla Roja, 23.

With Platja de lIlla Roja, you can only reach the small sandy beach from the top of the cliff and down to the beach. When the tide is low, you may walk between the 150 meters long sections of the cliff and a rocky islet. You may need towels and umbrellas in the off-season, but this one only has limited sunshine hours.

24.Platja de Pals

Platja de Pals is by far the most beautiful and least crowded beaches in Costa Brava. It consists of both a built-up area and an undeveloped portion that once housed Cold War radio antennae. There are also numerous parking spaces available for those who need to get out of the car, as well as restrooms and waste bins along the length of the beach.

Platja de Montgo, 25.

Platja de Montgo is a crescent-shaped beach on the border of LEscala and LEstartit. On the one hand, you have a dense forest with historic structures, while on the other, you have a walking path and a sun lounge (seven euros). The shallow, gently sloping waters are ideal for young children, although there are rocks in the area.

26.Platja del Rec del Moli

Platja El Rec del Moli in LEscala is a 300 meters long sandy beach that is divided in half, with the one section dedicated to humans and the other to their four-legged friends. There are rocks on the seabed, so its best to paddle with reef shoes. Also, a seasonal beach bar is nearby.

Playa El Castell, 27.

Playa El Castell is a beach in Costa Brava located 30 minutes drive from Palamos, which has been maintained by locals to preserve the ancient Iberian settlement. As such, youll enjoy a peaceful escape on the beautiful sand. In summer, you can rent water sports equipment or have a meal at one of the beach bars.

Les Muscleres Platja, 28.

Les Muscleres Platja is located at the southern end of the Gulf of Roses, five kilometers from the LEscala city center. It is famous for the white sand beaches, the clear blue water, and the abundant marine life. When the winds pick up, the water can be quite rough in bad weather; however, it is advised to bring your own umbrellas or chairs as there is no hire facilities.

Platja Nova is 29 years old.

Platja Nova is a 460 meters long and 35 meters wide sandy beach with a laid-back tropical feel. Across the road, there are facilities for children, including sun lounge hire and boat rentals. Furthermore, there is a mix of free and metered parking near the beach.

30.Platja del Ros

Platja del Ros is a residential beach in Cadaques that can be accessed by a path along the seafront during the peak season. The protected waters, which have a shallow slope, are fantastic for kids. The seabed, which has larger rocks, is located at the other end of the same bay, only 300 meters away.

FAQs on Costa Brava Beaches

The beaches in Costa Brava are beautiful. Many have clear blue waters that are great for swimming. Sand will be coarse and grainy, but it's important to be aware of what to expect during the summer months.

Costa Brava does have some fine sandy beaches, although it isn't the fine silica white sand you'd find in other countries around the world, such as Australia, the Maldives, or the Pacific Islands. Instead, it tends to be coarser and more golden in color.

Yes, you may swim in Costa Brava. Many of the best beaches are located in protected bays or coves, so there are no waves or currents. However, some beaches may have a steep drop from the beach into the water, so be cautious when entering or exiting.

Costa Brava begins in the south at the village of Blanes, northeast of Barcelona, and extends all the way up to Port Bou, in the north at the French Border.

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