2022's Top 4 Shoe Brands

2022's Top 4 Shoe Brands ...

Only trusted suppliers and manufacturers can provide high-quality, comfortable and durable shoes. After all, more and more often there are low-quality counterfeits on the market, which can not only entice buyers to pay nothing, but can also harmed their health. As you know, the correct block, the material of the sole, and the body of the shoe all have a significant impact on posture. These shoes can be purchased from any bulk wholesale shoes distributor.


The brand's primary focus is on functionality and quality of each item. It was established 30 years ago, as one of the first Italian footwear manufacturers to export to Russia. In the future, the management decided to create their own branded product.

The Tervolina brand is included on the Russian consumer market's Superbrands list, with over 80 shops spread throughout the country.

Due to a democratic pricing structure, the company's shoes will be affordable for literally every buyer. Depending on seasonal sales, the price for some models ranges from $10 per pair to $100 per pair. You can buy from china at the best price.


One of the world's oldest and most respected shoe brands. Since the beginning, the company's house slippers have been made by hand almost two centuries ago.

The Clarks brand is recognized as one of the world's leading everyday footwear manufacturers, with more than 2,000 stores across 150 countries. The company consists of five sub-brands, each focusing on the needs of its different target audience, and dividing them by style and price positioning: Clarks, Clarks Originals, Cloudsteppers by Clarks, Unstructured, and Clarks Kids.

The childrens collection is a focus of the brand. Shoes for children always use the finest materials, excellent anatomical performances, and breathable insoles with bactericidal impregnation.

Corso Como

Seit 16 years, the shoe brand has been supplying high-quality and beautiful shoes alongside leading designers in the fashion industry. A distinguishing feature of the business is the ability to adapt to the latest fashion trends.

Corso Como collections are the epitome of trends, elegance, and impeccable taste. In the manufacturing of brand shoes, leather, suede, and textiles of exceptional Italian quality are used.

The company's extensive collection includes models of womens and mens shoes for any season, as well as classic sports sneakers and sneakers.


Zenden, one of the most well-known Russian shoe companies, has more than 100 stores throughout the country. The brands' lineup primarily consists of artificial eco-materials, the designing of which is carefully crafted taking into account the latest fashion trends in the shoe industry.

The company's own sports shoes, Dixer, were launched relatively recently on the market. The company's products are distinguished by their affordable price and a wide choice of colors.

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