Britney Spears Is Taking Time With Her Elton John Duet: It's One Of Her Best

Britney Spears Is Taking Time With Her Elton John Duet: It's One Of Her Best ...

Britney Spears is taking her time with her work to ensure she is happy with the finished product, according to a source close to her in July. She has worked on a new version of the 1975 hit Tiny Dancer, marking Britney's return to music after a six-year hiatus.

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According to the source, Britney is not only a perfectionist, but she also understands that the world will be paying attention to the first song she releases after finally becoming a free woman. She wants this song to hit it out of the park, and everyone who has heard it says it's fantastic. So the hope is that Shell approves it ASAP.

Britney has spoken out about her lack of control over her career during her 13-year conservatorship several times, so she did not take the task of recording a song with one of her idols lightly. However, another source revealed that her work with Elton was liberating and helped her confidence.

Every song does really, they continued. She is just ecstatic that she was able to have her say in every draft of it. She is nervous about its release, but she believes this is one of the finest songs she has ever recorded.

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Elton has been following Britney's struggles for the past several years and he feels deeply for her. They revealed how hard it can be to be a superstar sometimes, according to another source close to the mother of two.

Elton was able to offer her the support and encouragement she needed to recover from her shell. She felt unsure when the recordings began, but it came back naturally and Elton helped her to shine her best, which is likely to be the finest she has ever sounded.

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