Where was Look Both Ways on Netflix shot?

Where was Look Both Ways on Netflix shot? ...

Look Both Ways, a brand-new romantic comedy, will be released on Netflix on August 17th. She plays Lili Reinhart, who lives in a remote area before her college graduation when her life takes a bizarre turn the night before her college graduation when she discovers two different realities. In the other, she moves to a new town in search of new opportunities and to further her profession.

Filming locations in two ways is a good idea.

The primary photography for the Lili Reinhart-starring films started in mid-June 2021 and ended in August of the same year. The majority of romantic films in Look Both Ways are set in Los Angeles, California, although some are set in Austin, Texas.

TX filming on Netflixs Plus/Minus has come to an end.

We made it through summer texas heat, thunder delays, pee-mo fires, and everything in between!

On this incredible adventure, I got to ride alongside a wonderful group of talented and gifted individuals.

until next time, mi amigos pic.twitter.com/gGmqp9jfkf

Greater Austin, Texas

On the first day of filming at the Violet Crown Clubhouse at 7100 Woodrow Avenue in Austin, the actors and crew of the romantic film were seen tapeing several crucial scenes. Scenes were shot at the following locations: the Paramount Theatre, Town Lake, Stubbs Bar-B-Q, Patterson Park, the H-E-B Digital & Favor Eastside Tech Hub, the Austin Waldorf School, and a house in the Old Enfield/Clarksville area.

Los Angeles, California

The actors and crew also flew to Los Angeles, a significant metropolitan area in Southern California, to record a few additional segments. Several beach scenes and other outside scenes appear to have been recorded at the City of Angels. You may be able to see LAs upscale neighborhoods, stunning beaches, and vibrant downtown in the film Look Both Ways.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The majority of the important scenes were shot in and around Downtown Toronto, including at Acquafarina at 425 West Georgia Street, Pacific Coffee Roasters at 345 Robson Street, and the Vancouver Public Library at 345 Robson Street #101.

Netflix's Both Ways

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