A new Anne Heche car crash video shows the House's POV

A new Anne Heche car crash video shows the House's POV ...

A new Anne Heche car crash video demonstrates the House's POV.

Anne Heche's video from the scene of her car accident shows what appears to be a bomb going off inside the house she's been slain through.

Firefighters are looking into the burned remains of the Los Angeles home Anne slammed into with her Mini Cooper in a new video provided by TMZ.

In retrospect, Lynne Mishele, the homeowner, was fortunate to not be killed when Anne smashed through the wall.

Lynne was thrown into a tragedy as she prepared to finish off her chores in another room. The room she was in was spared the same fate as the rest of her house.

Lynne achieved her goal, but she has suffered physical and mental injuries and is still recuperating.

Shawn Holley, Lynne's lawyer, is available to assist her through the next several steps, such as filing insurance claims and putting her life back together.

Anne Heche on a ring camera moments before the accident. What do you HEAR? http://www.twitter.com/6c9EIVxiCs

Lynne's job is to guide her through the process of dealing with insurance companies so that she may begin rebuilding her life. This was never a case of money or litigation. She has lost everything and is so grateful for all of the support she has received, said Holley.

Anne Heche, who was driving on August 5th, crashed into a house, sparking a fire. Anne suffered severe burns after the accident, but she lost consciousness and died as a result. Her life support was switched off on Sunday evening.

Lynne describes Anne's death as horrifying and expresses sympathy to the actress' loved ones.

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