Is There Any One At Nike Working This Week?

Is There Any One At Nike Working This Week? ...

You go into an office, knock at the entrance, and realize that it doesn't open, and nobody's there.

Employees are embracing more and more collective time off as part of a drive for a better work environment.

The corporate ripples truly started with Nike (NKE), a professional social media platform LinkedIn and dating app Bumble (BMBL), which had already experimented with collective vacation for employees.

The activewear giant announced that in August 2021, it would give the 11,000-plus employees at its Oregon headquarters the week off to "power down" and "destress" from the stress caused by the covid-19 epidemic.

"To perform well and stay sane," wrote Nike'ssenior global marketing science director Matt Marrazzos at the time.

Nike is on vacation right now.

A year after the announcement, the company held its second annual "Well-Being Week." Both the corporate headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., and the threeAir Manufacturing design labs with over 1,500 employees will be closed for a collective paid vacation from August 15 to 19.

"We knew it would be worthwhile, but I was shocked by the feedback from our colleagues," wrote Nike's Chief Human Resources Officer in a LinkedIn post.

"Because everyone was away at the same time, teammates said they could unplug really unplug, without worrying about what was happening back at the office or getting worried about the emails piling up."

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The time off only applies to corporate employees. To keep the stores running and online orders fulfilled, but not to complicate the differences between blue and white collar workers, Nike gave its retail and distribution employees a week's worth of paid vacation that they may use as they see fit.

Nike has linked the shift to its commitment to prioritize mental health. In the last year, it launched everything from a "marathon of mental health," to a podcast that discusses how exercise may be utilized to manage anxiety and depression.

Is There a Crisis In The Corporate World?

The collective week off was perhaps the most significant thing a corporation did for workers' mental health, although many companies are often criticized for turning mental health into positive PR without actually doing anything for them.

Set office closures have been a practice for many European countries for centuries. In France, not only corporate offices but even eateries and retail shops empty out in August for what is culturally considered sacred vacation time.

Despite the fact that many corporate heads and particularly small businesses perceive this method as radical, it is likely that people in America prefer to make individual decisions and "keep the business going" above all else.

Despite the fact that one-fourth of white-collar jobs in the United States are expected to be fully remote by 2023, the conversations echo some companies' resistance to remote work.

"This is the kind of incentive that makes employees stay," said industry expert Shep Hyken in a commentary for RetailWire. "And knowing that they cant completely shut down the whole company down, I like the way they are compensating the distribution and retail store employees."

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