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Gartner names Cyberint as a security vendor, providing the Digital Risk Protection Service (DRPS) & External Attack Surface Management (EASM) with both the digital and external threats protection services

Gartner names Cyberint as a security vendor, providing the Digital Risk Protection Service (DRPS) & External Attack Surface Management (EASM) with both the digital and external threats protection services

A company named Cyberint is based in Israel, on Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Research firm Gartner identified Cybernt as a cybersecurity company that combines Digital Risk Protection and proactive discovery

Unlike the two recent Gartner hype cycles, Cyberint is the best security provider offering a fully integrated attack surface management (ASM) and an effective Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solution. CyberInt's key This allows the autonomous and continuous discovery of the evolving digital footprint of an organization allowing automatically updates and optimizing the Threat Intelligence coverage to provide the highest level of protection. In his report, the report states that he and his wife are able to share their stories. Hype Cycle for Security Operations 2021 Hyppryptocycle cycle 202021 Gartner acknowledges that real-time threat intelligence has become essential for many organizations' future survival and well-being: "Digital risk protection services are delivered via a combination of technology and services to protect critical digital assets. These solutions provide visibility into the open (surface) web, social media, dark web and deep web sources to identify potential threats to critical assets and provide contextual information on threat actors, their tactics and processes for conducting malicious activity," says the report.

DRP is essential in protecting the organization's assets against external threats, but it does not allow the autonomous discovery and mapping of its assets, and often depends on its own attack surface, which often lacking.

It is therefore essential that a DRP solution is combined with leveraging an integrated integrated ASM to continuously scan the Internet and identify the evolving organization's external-facing assets. The combination of DRP and ASM modules is a powerful tool to protect from external threats.

Organizations can benefit from this combination in many day-to-day scenarios, such as: a: "It is not difficult to think about if it is together."

  • In the dark web, the applications being used by the organization identified in the attack-surface scanning will receive accurate risk scores from live vulnerabilities and exploits identified within the malicious network.
  • The phishing and brand abuse watchlist will automatically add new domain and IPs used by the company, as detected by aSM module, to the xlist and symptology watch list.
  • Identifying tokens, used by cloud assets identified by the ASM module, which will be automatically searched in source code repositories monitored by adRP to identify mistakenly leaked credentials and connection tokene.

Cyberint is not only on the waterfront identified by Gartner as offering ASM and DRP, but also unique in its approach of taking the fight to the cybercriminals. This platform boasts sophisticated crawlers scanning all the layers of the internet, including the dark, deep and open web, marketplaces, forums, applications, social media, paste sites, search engines and instant messaging. This process is fully automated and constantly updated. Using Virtual Humint's automated intelligence-gathering platform, Cyberinth' is strengthened by 'Virtual Humor', with its analysts proactively engaging with threat actors on underground channels in order to gather additional

Cyberint has assembled a unique team of analysts to keep observing the development of threats and threats across the globe.

Combined with ASM and DPR, Cyberint's unique combination of ABM and dPR provides real-time organization-specific actionable intelligence, which leads to measurable risk reduction with comprehensive coverage of 75 use cases in This unique strategy provides the real-time risk insights to build successful digital businesses.

However, accurate risk assessment is only possible if real-time threat intelligence is enhanced with fast response times to incoming cyber attacks. Cyberint provides comprehensive phishing coverage with multiple detection techniques and a Phishing Beacon to identify site cloning, philshing kit analysis and effective automatic takedowns. This is reinforced with immediate remediation, proactively identifying phishing and social media attacks, and then mitigated with takedowns on multiple fronts.

"A good cybersecurity is the key to effective security." One hand, receiving accurate real-time alerts about cyber security risks coming from attacks surface vulnerabilities or from threat actors' chatter and commerce, and on the other hand all the tools in the same platform, he says, to investigate and

About Cyberint:

Cyberint provides Digital Risk Protection and Threat Intelligence. We believe in making the digital world safer for the business, by protecting our customers from cyber threats beyond the perimeter.

Cyberint provides targeted insights into threat actor activity, brand protection, phishing attacks, data leakage and exploitable attack surfaces.

Cyberint is a global leader with specialized analytics enabling companies to become global leaders of all kinds of industries, including Fortune 500 companies in finance, retail, ecommerce, gaming, media and more.|| blogs. www-cychberbint-com.

For more information, please contact:

Tony Glover [email protected]+44 (0)7502 150975.

Reuben Braham [email protected] +972-52-3500791.

SOURCE CyberInt.

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