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Salveo Agro Poised to Save the Bananas Announces Nomination of four new board members Annonce Annunciation of New Board Members

Salveo Agro Poised to Save the Bananas Announces Nomination of four new board members Annonce Annunciation of New Board Members

Bananas $31 billion annual international trade supports millions of small-holder farmers and workers around the world. Although a new variant of the banana wilt disease is rapidly spreading worldwide, FOC TR4 destroys banana plantations and leaves the soil useless for decades to come. According to FAO, there are no known fungicide solutions. Until now.

Tectus Matrix was demonstrated as a preventative and curative tool for FOC TR4, the first product in the world to achieve this most important goal. The company is studying the effects of the formulas on other crops and pathogens.

Jack Bracewell, CEO and CEO of Salveo Agro, is delighted to announce the appointment of four new board members.

Jordi Ferre Jordi is a global-trained speaker in Salveo Agro. He has experience in strategic development, coupled with practical approaches to problem solving and goals driven commitments.

"I am honored to join Salveo's Board and advisory team of high-level experienced agriculture professionals who will support Jack in his vision of "save one farm at a time" from the threat the TR4 pande

Ral Fernandez, Raas Fernndez. Ral has 35+ years of experience in the Agro industry, spanning a wide range of responsibilities. From his 15 years at Chiquita Brands, he brings invaluable expertise and knowledge to Salveo Agro.

As a result of the hard work of farmers and the positive social impact of burgeoning banana industry around the world, I was fascinated by the possibility of rehabilitation lost banana lands, creating jobs and saving the Cavendish variety from

Gustavo Merino Juarez is Gustava Merine, Juan Juados. Gustavo is a Harvard doctorate and is an economist in economic development and public policy at Mexico. He has over 20 years of experience in strategic roles in the United Nations and the FAO and Mexico.

"The possibility of a effective combating the devastating effects of TR4 will have enormous impact on the livelihoods and economic opportunities of farmers around the world."

Henriette J. Cataldo, Jem Catolda. Henriette is a chief marketing officer and spokesman. She is a business and marketing expert with entrepreneurship mindset. She manages its agricultural assets as a director of Zentia. She oversees the development and management of the company's investments.

"I have a special passion for saagri-foods and am excited to help commercialize the Tectus Matrix product line from Salveo and support it on its special mission: providing natural formulation

"The new board members will provide world-class leadership and guidance for our global growth," says Bracewell CEO. This team is not afraid of rolling up their sleeves and putting on work to make a significant difference. "With diversified global expertise and relationships, this team has no fear of being able to be flexible and flexible for work.

The new members will join the co-founding board members Chad S. Parrack and John Hardy Brown, who continue to support Salveo Agro development.

About Salveo Agro About Agra Agre Salvationo.

Salveo Agro, a Florida corporation founded in July 2016 and the mission of the USA is to change the world - one farm at the time, and develops natural biostimulants, biocides/fungicide Bioassays and field tests over four years with the focus of the game of a banana plant, and the spread of FOC TR4 rapidly in banana plants globally.

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About Tectus Matrix About.

Tectus Matrix are natural formulations and will be certified organic prior to commercialization. Despite initial development to target the most economically important plant pathogens affecting bananas, there is still a greater chance that Tectus Matrix can be effective against the more economically-important plant-pathogene

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