What Happened When 'Bodies, Bodies, Bodies' Covered All Pete Davidson's Tattoos (And Why)

What Happened When 'Bodies, Bodies, Bodies' Covered All Pete Davidson's Tattoos (And Why) ...

Pete Davidson's tattoo collection will be covered up in history books, including an image of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and SHAOLIN (an homage to his hometown of Staten Island); the couple reportedly split up earlier this month. Yet, the makeup department on the set of his latest film, Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, covered up Davidson's tattoos almost seamlessly.

Why Were Pete Davidsons Tattoos Covered With Bodies, Bodies, and Bodies?

Sarah Graalman, the head of Bodies, Bodies, Bodies' makeup department, spoke on the reasons why the team decided to remove Davidsons ink from his character Davids body in an interview with beauty expert and self-described trend whisperer Cat Quinn. Quinn, Graalman said, He's a type of person who would never get upper body tattoos in case he had to work, especially since he's a rich kid who grew up wearing shorts.

Pete Davidsons Bodies, Bodies, and Bodies Tattoos

Given the extensive ink coverage by the King of Staten Island actors, covering up took some time, although it probably didn't take as long as one might expect. Quinn initially stated that she didn't need three hours to remove all of Davidson's tattoos, but later said that it took just two hours.

Vincent Schicchi, a special effects makeup artist, used an Endura color of EBA Performance Makeup ($18-$138), a high-performance airbrush foundation, which had to be held in a salt water pool for three hours.

Quinn explained that the makeup team gave Davidson a more bronzed overall appearance, giving him the impression that he is wealthy and travels.

Schicchi praised Davidson for his perseverance behind the scenes, noting the Saturday Night Live alumni's willingness and ability to stand throughout the entire process.

Pete Davidson is now available in theaters in Bodies, Bodies, and Bodies.

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