3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Hook Up With Their Ex

3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Hook Up With Their Ex ...

Quick: What is your first reaction if you run into an ex? Some people flee, while others stick around for a quick, if not somewhat awkward, catch-up. There are others who wistfully glance at their ex with their cute new haircut and think, What if?

My Big Three Astrology Signs are all air and fire elements. Since we reached the end of the seasons in the calendar year, we can be adamant about going forward in the future... which enables me to continue to live with completeness.

Seeking an ex again may trigger strange, big emotions that you otherwise might not anticipate, including the desire to get back together. Be sure to include your moon (your inner self), rising (your personality), and Venus positioning (your love style) when considering the possibilities.

If you are still daydreaming about that Montreal weekend with your ex again, you may be one of these three zodiac signs who want to try it again.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Earthy Taureans represent the middle of the season in the zodiac and are stabilizing forces. Youre unlikely to withdraw your love and affection toward your partners if you commit. Loyalty is one of your most persistent and lasting qualities.

Because you are embodied by the bull, you believe in hard work and forward progress. You admire your ex's unending pursuit of perfection, and you're likely to notice all of the positive changes they're making in their lives. After all, you already know how much fun you're having together. Why not give it a try again?

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cancers, sweet, imaginative, and dreamy, you are unlikely to block your ex and pretend they never existed. It's very probable that you're the type of ex who wants to make friends with your ex no matter how difficult it may be.

Your romanticism may be fueling your intense imagination. Add this to your desire for safety and you have a recipe for wanting your ex back. Cancers lead with their hearts and follow their intuition no matter what. Make sure you include your head in your decision-making process before hooking up with your ex again.

Libra (Sept. 22-October 23)

Harmonious Libras are constantly turning over every stone and peering into everyone's perspectives in every situation. You lead your life looking for companionship, and you tend to be quite tolerant towards those in your life. That includes your ex-partners.

When you drop out of a relationship, you are playing fair. It is not in your nature to despise your ex. You're a true lover of peace and friendship. If the relationship ended well, hooking up with an ex again might be a no-brainer. Plus, you've got all the charm to navigate what the second chance might entail.

Some zodiac signs may prefer to hook up again with an ex, but this applies to everyone. You can always try it again and see how things go together this time. With some time apart, hooking up with an ex can either rekindle your friendship, or fade into a forgotten, but necessary, bond.

Make sure there have been substantial improvements in the areas that made you both want to go away in the first place. It must be a willingness to change and a desire to do better so the rekindling makes sense. Whatever the case, do what is best for you. You wont know until you give it another go.

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