Millie Bobby Browns College Decision Is Low-Key A Stranger Things Reference

Millie Bobby Browns College Decision Is Low-Key A Stranger Things Reference ...

Millie Bobby Brown is following Eleven's lead, in some ways. Her college choice was to attend Purdue University, which would be located very near the fictional town of Hawkins in Stranger Things.

Brown disclosed her college choice in an Allure September cover story, in which she disclosed that she is currently enrolled in Purdue University's human services program. Her major is focused on human development and family studies, program evaluation abilities, according to the concentrations website.

Brown's new school is located in the same state as Eleven, who lives near the set of Stranger Things. If Hawkins, Indiana were a real town, Brown would have no reason to visit the campus. Still, the location is a pretty cool connection, especially since Purdue University has previously been featured on Stranger Things.

Back in Season 3, Starcourt Mall was the place to be in Hawkins, and one of the many trendy mallrats was seen wearing a Purdue T-shirt pretty prominently. Purdue even sold a replica of that vintage shirt in its store after the episode aired in 2019.

Brown is an online student at Purdue University, so most of her Purdue University classmates will most likely never see her, but it's still weird that she has an unusual connection to her college thanks to Stranger Things. Who knows maybe the next season of the sci-fi sensation will include some more Purdue mentions as a nod to Browns IRL academic interests. Here's hoping the university at least gets Brown her very own vintage Purdue tee to match that Starcourt Mall kid.

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