Here's When Brooklyn Wants Kids With Nicola

Here's When Brooklyn Wants Kids With Nicola ...

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham with a baby carriage? Five months after getting married, the model-turned-chef revealed that he will have kids with his wife Nicola Peltz Beckham shortly.

"I've always wanted to be a young dad," Brooklyn told Entertainment Tonight on Aug. 11. "I'd love to have a family soon, but when my wife is ready, I'll," he added. "I could have, like, ten [children]," but he will leave that decision to Nicola.

Brooklyn revealed how things have changed between them since they got engaged. "I married my best friend, and it's the best feeling in the world." Plus, a pair of perhaps-feuding in-laws.

It hasn't been exactly smooth sailing since the duos wedding. Instead, there has been some speculation about in-law drama between the Peltzes and the Beckhams. From David and Victoria Beckham misnaming the newlyweds as Mr. and Mrs. Beckham to the Beckhams' apparently not being controlled by the Peltz funds, there has been no shortage of rumors.

During his interview with Variety,Brooklyn addressed the rumors in August. He explained that they're always going to try to sabotage people. They're always going to try to discredit people, which is fantastic.

Brooklyn and Nicola seem to have no problem expressing their love for one another. In May, he got his wedding vows tattooed on his arm. Nicola has her husband's name tattooed on her upper back.

Brooklyn appears to be ready to take the next step in his relationship with Nicola. Best wishes to this duo!

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