Zendaya Spoke A Big Truth About How Euphoria Season 3 Could Be Different

Zendaya Spoke A Big Truth About How Euphoria Season 3 Could Be Different ...

Zendaya, the star and executive producer of Euphorias, thinks it's time to drop out of Euphoria High. As fans of HBO's most notorious show await any further information, Zendaya dropped a hint that Season 3 may be quite different from the first two seasons... by eliminating the high school setting.

According to her statement, Zendaya is arguing for a significant time jump to see all of the shows characters after graduating high school, or if she is just interested in using the high school setting less in the future. Given how Season 2 ended, the latter is much more likely to be reality.

Nate and Cassie are both high school seniors in Seasons 1 and 2, so it's very probable they'll have graduated prior to Season 3's plot, even if the time jump is minor.

Zendaya seems to want to go back a couple years and remove the high school setting altogether: after all, the series has just a few minor plot points: the characters are virtually never introduced in class, there are no teachers anywhere, and most of the big drama takes place outside of the school anyway.

While Euphoria Season 3 is still a way off (its not expected to air until 2024), it sounds like fans will be seeing everyone age up a bit when they return. Which makes perfect sense given that these kids have been teenagers for far too long.

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