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Thibaut Ceyrolle joins Rivery's Executive Board

Thibaut Ceyrolle joins Rivery's Executive Board

/PRNewswire/ -- Rivery announced that Thibaut Ceyrolle will join the company as a Board member and Active Advisor. Thibaut grew business from zero to a thousand customers, and expanded operations with new teams in 14 countries. He joins Rivery to increase the company's hyper-growth efforts across new regions.

Rivery's data management platform enables hundreds of companies to control the entire lifecycle of collecting value from different data sources, including SaaS, operation business, and legacy databases. Rivery helps these organizations become more agile and data-driven by racking the entire DataOps ecosystem. Whether you're looking for a new technology or the latest technologies, the leading brands such as SodaStream, Lightricks and Bayer use Rivery technology to manage your data effectively, allowing their teams to aggregate,

I'm excited to join Rivery's board of directors to help the company accelerate their growth. The platform they developed simplifies complex tasks like constructing, orchestrating and automating data pipelines. I remember when I joined Snowflake as their first employee in EMEA - the potential for growth is limitless.

Itamar Ben Hemo, Founder and CEO of Rivery added: "It's amazing to add Thibaut to our team'll unique experience and vision." His talent will help me, Rivery's management team and our entire organization prepare for hypergrowth mode. I'm pleased to work together so that we can use our enormous momentum and shape Rivery's future to reach new heights."

About Rivery: is a cloud-based data ops platform that provides control over the organisation's data through the ingestion, transformation, orchestration and management of their data. Taking over the traditional ETL, Rivery speeds up DataOps workflow with automation and process simplification in a single SaaS platform. Io trust Rivery with their data. Learn more about Rivery on the web.

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