Cafe Minamdang Episode 15 Recap and Review: Who is Gopuri?

Cafe Minamdang Episode 15 Recap and Review: Who is Gopuri? ...

Cafe Minamdang() is a mystery-comedy TV series directed by Ko Jae-hyun and written by Park Hye-jin. The series is based on the bookMinamdang: Sagun Soochub, written by Jung Jae-han. The first episode of the episode lasts 62 minutes.

Park Hye-jin, Ko Jae-hyun, and Yun Ra-young took over the KBS2 slot previously filled byBloody Heart. Along with other cast members, Seo In-guk, Oh Yeon-seo, Kang Mi-na, Baek Seo-hoo

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Cafe Minamdang Episode 15 Recap Contains Major Spoilers

Seung-won and the crew are all very irritated by how their grand ceremony is going. Before he can get Han-jun and Su-cheol arrested, Jae-hui and her team travel to arrest everyone. Pandemonium ensues as everyone starts to fight with everyone, and Auntie Im falls out of the chaos.

Han-jun and Jae-hui go on another look when they discover that Im has slipped away after being handcuffed to a ladder. The same happens to the ministers and Seung-won, who all get apprehended as they try to flee.

Seung-won is turning out to be a one-label fish as the accused begin to be interrogated, and although everyone else has good evidence against them, he isnt going to take this lightly. The land development project has now been canceled; Seung-won isnt going to take this lightly. He eventually goes out because of insufficient evidence, much to everyone's dismay, and he looks absolutely irritated.

Do-won threatens Seung-won with all of his crimes, including the one from 20 years ago, even though everyone forgot about it, he still hasn't been punished. Plus, he promises not to let Seung-won become the chairman of Choekang. Funnily enough, Seung-won discovers that the money he has been secretly storing away through Im is nowhere to be found!

The shareholders decide to revert the voting until Seung-won's name is cleared at the next shareholders meeting. This way, they will not elect the chairman at the next shareholders meeting. Han-jun and Do-won are a good example of how they may be surprised by this announcement.

Two masked men enter Minamdang without anyone's notice and the following morning, Han-jun discovers his sister missing from her home. Well, at first, he discovers a hanging effigy of Hye-jun which they (and we) believe to be the real Hye-jun. It's a terrible few seconds before Han-jun discovers that it's not real.

Han-jun is relieved after seeing his sister safe after being rejected from his best friend. Later on, he gives them his blessing to date, but they can only kiss and hold hands, so there's that.

After the morning excitement, the family sits down to talk about the Seung-wons family, which is apparently stuffed with secrets and rumors, and the son suddenly going to America as if to escape something. The answer lies with Do-won, who is again presented with handy information at the most appropriate time.

Seung-won was convicted of murdering his friend on a nightmarish day, which Do-won witnessed. Seung-won was then sent abroad to recuperate from the mess, but the group decides to prove the crime in order to get Seung-won and Do-won to use their talents in such a difficult situation.

As he falls asleep at Do-wons' place later, he remembers what happened the night Seung-wons friend was murdered due to the trauma. He is able to remember that Hyeon-u was strangled with and that his glass of water dissolved. Unfortunately, he is unable to remember much more. They prefer to talk to someone who is familiar with the event.

Du-jin gathers the evidence to arrest Im, Tae-su, and Myeong-jun, while Han-jun performs a surprise act for their surprise witness Myeong-su. The latter is scared witless because to Han-juns threats that Hyeon-u is still alive. As Myeong-su sobs and apologizes to the ghost of his deceased friend, he admits that Seung-won had threatened him to keep quiet and that he did not

Han-jun tells Hyeon-u to learn about Seung-wons tutors when he was in grade 12.

Hye-jun, Na-dan, and Su-cheol tap Seung-won's car and discover that Myeong-su has told him about the little interrogation, and that Seung-won is instructing his men to keep an eye on Han-jun. Clearly, Seung-won's therapy isn't going to be very successful for him, but Jung Hye-yoon finds a flood of memories streaming back.

Cafe Minamdang Episode 15 is coming to an end.

Han-jun and Jae-hui go off to meet Hye-yoon the following day and ask her about the Hyeon-us murder 20 years ago. Hye-yoon gets shifty with her answers the moment she learns the reason for her visit, and as she goes to get her diary, she gets attacked by Gopuri, who is none other than Cha Do-won!

Do-won isn't all there, and that night, 20 years ago, he was the one who killed Hyeon-u. And now, 20 years later, he attempts to strangle an incapacitated Hye-yoon.

Do-won and Tae-su meet their match in the epilogue, where they will attempt to exaggerate the judgment Lim Geun-sik and, eventually, Jae-jeong. The latter discovered that Jae-jeong knew him, and thats why he killed him. In a bizarre twist of fate, Han-jun had seen Do-won the day his friend died and passed him in the hall but couldn't identify him.

Review of Cafe Minamdang Episode 15

Guys, what did we just see? Cafe Minamdang has been going steadily for the last few episodes, with no major twists, and us simply waiting for justice to be served. We were certain Seung-won and Im were behind everything; we were prepared for the bad guy to go to prison.

However, were we prepared for Do-won to become Gopuri? As the yellow tarot cards state, and they never lie, Cha Do-won is Gopuri, he truly is, but baby-faced Do-won seems to be an impossible suspect, and that's why the shock is so great.

My question is why did Tae-su have such a vexing reaction at his house? Tae-su and Tae-su have been murdering people since day one in a twisted sense of judgement, but why did he have a panic attack? How has a brilliant profiler such as Han-jun not figured this out yet?

I'm reeling from that horrible Hye-jun hanging, which was so shocking I almost lost my mind. I intended to throw hands, but thanks to God that is not the case!

The final twist in the book has pushed this rather average episode up a notch, but the ball is now in the court of Cafe Minamdangs. Its caught the attention of the listeners; the real test is to make the story plausible and engaging.

Cafe Minamdangis is now streaming onNetflix.

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Cafe Minamdang Episode 15 gives a twist at the last moment that will shock you like nothing else!

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