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Rhumbix appoints Bill Smith as New President of Commercial Operations

Rhumbix appoints Bill Smith as New President of Commercial Operations

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 14 - 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- -- September 14 -- XVII. Rhumbix Bill Smith joined the business with the president. Smith, who has been driving growth in both the tech and the construction industries, will lead the go-to-market strategy with focus on marketing, partnerships, revenue and sales.

Bill has added a ton of value for the past two years, as well as his position as spokesman and board director, so it is able to take ten years to become accustomed to the role of he as He brings extensive experience in construction technology that will help Rhumbix strengthen channel partnerships, develop strategic alliances, and expand our sales presence. He accepted the position of president of Commercial Operations. He has strong leadership experience, and will continue to drive Rhumbix's growth, as well as the way he accepted his position as President of Business Operations."

Smith brings over 15 years of executive leadership experience to some of the nation's most respected computer software companies, including Taleo, Oracle, and PlanGrid.

"Through bringing Bill Smith on as President of Commercial Operations, Rhumbix has now assembled arguably the top product and go-to-market leadership teams in the current construction tech ecosystem," said Ray Levitt, Operating Partner at "I worked with Bill and always appreciated his excellent advice and guidance to Rhumbix as a strategic advisor and then as board member. As an early investor in PlanGrid, I witnessed how he and his team helped Plangrid develop a powerful growth plan. Bill and his colleagues could have joined any construction tech startup after the acquisition of PlanGrid by Autodesk. I think that this is a strong endorsement of Rhumbix's potential for success. I'm delighted to have chosen to join Rhumix executive team. My partners and I at Blackhorn Ventures are very excited to be part of the next phase of Rhumbix's growth that Bill and his colleagues will help generate.

Smith successfully scaled sales organizations within the technology space for several startups including Taleo and Plangrid, and gained the necessary knowledge to navigate Rhumbix through its latest growth phase. "I am honored to assume this responsibility, and I'm excited to work with an outstanding group of people at Rhumbix and strengthen the value we deliver to our clients," said Smith. "Rhumbix offers a unique set of easy-to-use products that improve field-office connectivity and provide real-time data needed to increase efficiency and productivity across projects, regions and companies."

Smith's proven record of assembling and driving exceptional go-to-market teams matches Rhumbix' expanding product capabilities. He is going to play an integral role in the go-to-market strategy for Rhumbix, the business continues to establish itself as the market leader in construction timekeeping & payroll, production tracking, time / materials tracking

About Rhumbix

Rhumbix is a mobile-first construction platform that connects field and office with data-driven reporting. Rhumbix's technology is the first to close the gap between field-level employees and project management in the home office in real time and deliver insights to all project stakeholders. Founded in 2014 by veterans from the Navy and deep experience in Rhumbix has a san Francisco headquarters, CA. Founded in San Francisco, it is supported by investors including Greylock Partners, Darren Bechtel of Brick & Mortar Ventures, Eric Chen of For more information, visit .

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