McDonald's in the United States is introducing a new take on the Big Mac (May Be)

McDonald's in the United States is introducing a new take on the Big Mac (May Be) ...

There are a few that always come to mind when it comes to the most famous fast-food sandwiches in the history of the restaurant.

McDonald's (MCD) Big Mac is usually referred to by the majority of people in the Pittsburgh region. The sandwich was first created in the late 1960s by a McDonald's franchise owner in the area, and it was later renamed The Aristocrat and The Blue Ribbon Burger.

The Big Mac was simply unforgettable, containing two all-beef patties, lettuce, pickles, onions, a special sauce that was similar to Thousand Island dressing, and a slice of American cheese. That's why 17 of them are sold every second.

Most people consider changing up an iconic hamburger a risky activity, although QSR's Burger King is one of the few companies to do it on the regular with its Whopper. However, for over 50 years, the Big Mac has been more or less the same sandwich.

That is, until now.

McDonald's is a restaurant that serves hamburgers.

What is the New Big Mac?

If you happen to live in the United Kingdom, you may already be aware of this, but if you don't, get your senses ready: there's a chicken version of the Big Mac.

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The Chicken Big Mac was also featured on McDonald's menus in Australia in 2017 for a period of time, but was withdrawn in February 2022 due to what McDonald's described as "incredible demand." It was also eventually removed from Australian menus in January 2022.

The sandwich has since been removed from the UK menu, but thanks to famed food blogger Markie_devo on Instagram, it looks like it might be heading to a brand new territory: The United States of America.

The Instagram photo shows a graphic shared with McDonald's US employees advising them how to converse with customers about the Big Mac, such as a prompt when someone orders one that says, "Will that be a chicken Big Mac?"

There isn't much information available on when the Big Mac might be released on the market in the United States, but if there's nothing you hate more than waiting, you can go to your local McDonald's right now and ask for this as a menu change, which would mean you would get two Crispy Chicken Sandwich patties in lieu of the usual all-beef patties.

'Fresh Spins On Our Classics'

In his remarks during the company's Q2 earnings call on July 26, McDonald's president and chief operating officer implied the company's core products would be expanded.

"We're also strengthening our iconic core menu. In markets around the world, we're taking our leading burgers and making them even better by implementing improved cooking procedures and new buns, resulting in hotter, juicier, and tastier burgers," Kempcinski said.

"Spain was the latest country to introduce these taste and quality improvements, generating incremental sales and giving our customers another reason to keep coming back for more." We'll also continue to create new twists in our classics, creating craveable moments for a new generation of McDonald's fans.

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