What Will Martha Stewart's Company Benefit From Pumpkin Spice CBD Gummies?

What Will Martha Stewart's Company Benefit From Pumpkin Spice CBD Gummies? ...

Martha Stewart may even want it for her business if a trend is even starting to form.

Stewart, an 81-year-old home lifestyle business owner, began exploring non-traditional foodstuffs in the last year. Along with launching an NFT boutique on her website, she also turned over 100 photos from years of Thanksgiving photo shoots for "Martha Stewart Living" into online images that viewers may buy as NFTs, from the overflowing leftover turkey sandwich to a modern, futuristic face.

Interest began to diminish as any celebrity or would-be celebrity clung to their own version in September 2021, but that number fell to 19,000 by May 2022.

CBD-Flavored Pumpkin Spice?

CBD is one of the cannabis active ingredients, but it lacks THC content and therefore is unlikely to induce a high.

The CBD market in the United States was worth $12.8 billion in 2021, and is expected to increase with a CAGR rate of 21.7% by 2028.

In some ways, snake oil has evolved into a generation's snake oil, since it is often marketed as being able to treat everything from headaches to depression.

Stewart first developed a CBD gummies joint venture with Canopy Growth (CGC) in 2020. Over the next two years, she will expand the line with new flavors as well as adding other CBD-infused goods, such as skincare.

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Canopy Growth/TS

Martha Stewart CBD has announced that it would produce a new pumpkin spice flavor for the fall.

Onmarthastewartcbd.com, they will sell their own packs of 30. Each gummy contains 10 milligrams of active CBD.

"The Pumpkin Spice flavor signifies the start of the fall season and I wanted to recreate this delicious moment with our CBD gummies," Martha Stewart said in a statement. "It's always important and a pleasure to continue to provide CBD that's convenient and tasty to enjoy every day."

Is CBD Gummies a Creative Business?

The gummies are able to tap into several trends at the same time, and as the demand for CBD is increasing, merchants are likely to start selling pumpkin spice products earlier and earlier each year.

Tastewise, a food research company, reported that pumpkin spice products had risen by 45% in consumer interest between October 2019 and October 2020, as well as a 221% increase in its appearance on menus during the same time period, while Morning Consult found that 25% of Americans think that late August is the ideal time to begin seeing pumpkin spice products.

CBD has long been a way for mainstream businesses to benefit from changing consumer attitudes without having to navigate the tangled state-by-state web of actually selling it as marijuana, which is currently illegal at the federal level.

"Huge companies have been hesitant to embrace CBD as its initial 'Wild West' market endures growing difficulties," writes the founder of Sunday Stories for Forbes. "But once the regulatory landscape clears and stabilizes, I believe many corporate giants will look to diversify their product lines with CBD and add brand-new products that open avenues of growth."

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