Is switching jobs the answer to surviving the cost of living crisis?

Is switching jobs the answer to surviving the cost of living crisis? ...

According to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation levels reached an all-time high in June, and people are buckling down to a financial storm. Is there a simpler way to weather the cost of living crisis?

After all, canceling unused streaming subscriptions and turning off lights can only go so far, which is why many Americans are questioning whether or not they can make more money elsewhere.

The Great Resignation resulted in the most labor-stricken job market the United States has ever seen in many years, and new recruiters are in a better position than ever before, often able to earn up to a 30% wage increase year on year.

In fact, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta recently disclosed that those who moved jobs within the last three months have received a 6.4 percent pay rise month over month compared to the 4.7 percent enjoyed by those who remained stuck. This explains why 60% of American employees are open to changing jobs.

What should employees do then?

Consider the cost of running a business.

Before you take any extreme measures, take a look at your current commute costs and see if a flexible or hybrid approach to your job might affect your bottom line. When working from home, be sure to balance commuting costs against heat and light costs.

Secondly, look into the benefits already included in your compensation package is there a health insurance option or employee assistance program (EAP) you may use to lower health expenses elsewhere? Oftentimes employees are hesitant to access an EAP because they fear their employer will discover personal information, but with 79% of U.S. employees accessing EAPs, this seems like an unnecessary concern.

If you want to hire someone else, approaching your employer and requesting an increase in salary is a very good idea. Make sure that your argument is based on facts and figures such as your achievements to the team, the benefit the company receives from your expertise, the cost of training your replacement, and your market value.

If you prefer the latter, be aware that this is a labor market right now. Companies are reducing costs and pumping those savings into ensuring they recruit the best talent, so be sure to research your skillset and understand what your value is before you apply for a pay raise or look for a new job.

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