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ALM Announces New Cannabis Certification for Insurers

ALM Announces New Cannabis Certification for Insurers

The National Underwriter Company, an ALM business, is launching one of the first certifications for insurance agents and brokers, risk managers and other professionals who advise cannabis-related businesses. Cannabis Insurance Coverage Specialist (CICS).

With the in mind the learning needs of insurance producers, agents, risk managers and those in a variety of fields, the cannabis business, creates, & adapted to the needs specialized needs and with the aim of the understanding CICS The most complete professional learning program available for industry professionals looking for the most comprehensive subject of cannabis insurance coverage. The program was created by the ALM's subject matter experts and thought leaders in collaboration with multiple insurance, legal and cannabis industry experts.

"We wanted to create a forward-thinking certification that would benefit professionals serving the cannabis industry, as well as growers, suppliers, manufacturers, dispensaries and others whose critical aspect is still evolving," says Molly Miller, These courses will focus on providing an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities businesses face daily.

The course of the certification program, Cannabis Insurance 101, which is complete with real-life case study exercises, provides the foundation for understanding the wide array of issues that plague cannabis-touching businesses. The curriculum will include lessons that address topics like: introductory courses, but also a subject of interest to the children.

  • Risk management, Risk Management, a risk management software, and gynabic acid management.
  • Real estate matters, real estate issues, property matters.
  • Product liability and claims, product liability, and claim,
  • Cannabis issues for business advisors, including financial services professionals and attorneys, and business consultants, as well as financial professionals.
  • Medical and health issues surrounding the use of cannabis, including workers' compensation and employment law concerns.

A cannabis industry business faces many of the same daily problems as other companies, but with a unique challenge due to its use as slang as the Schedule 1 substance, says Kieran J. O'Rourke, vice president "Educating the insurance industry about these unique risks allows carriers to better serve these expanding businesses."

The following states accept continuing education credit: Cannabis Insurance 101 and the certification program.

  • Arizona Arizona3 Arizona Arizona Nevada Texas Texas s.
  • Illinois
  • Ohio Ohio
  • Washington State is the state of Washington.

Approval will be pending for the following states, and more will also be added as appropriate:

  • California has the highest number of California's natives.
  • Colorado states Colorado Colorado, Colorado State
  • Nevada Nevada is a state of the state.
  • New York, NY -
  • Oregon Oregon states

Marijuana legalization is growing across the United States, and the number of cannabis-related businesses increases across many countries, with a unique emphasis on avoiding risk management. Cannabis Insurance 101 and the other two Cannabis Insurance Coverage Specialist (CICS) (Accreditation Specialist) is an expert in the cannabis insurance industry. It is important that anybody understands the key issues, risks and business needs to be successful in advising a cannabis-related business.

For more information, visit or contact Janet Neiheisel, client relations manager, at 859-692-2166 or by telephone at [email protected].

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