Thursday Night Football is expected to have 12.5 viewers

Thursday Night Football is expected to have 12.5 viewers ...

Amazon's streaming service is getting some exciting news. When Thursday Night Football begins exclusively next month, the company is expected to make money hand over fist.

Amazon will make money from viewers who pay for Prime subscriptions, and on the other hand, advertisers will pay for it. There is certainly no limit for Amazon.

Nonetheless, finances aren't the only thing that Amazon has to keep an eye on. According to an report, the streaming company anticipates 12.5 million viewers for the program, which is lower than it was last season on Fox.

Potential investors are also concerned about Amazon's relatively low viewership. For this reason, the company is attempting to enthuse them with promises of first-party data that would bring valuable value.

Amazon has the added bonus of being able to serve specific advertisements to viewers. On Fox, something like this would have been impossible to implement. Perhaps this advantage will help Amazon change investors' opinions.

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