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MindEdge Learning Announces PM Skills and Accompanying PMSCP Certification to Help Project Leaders achieve Real-World Success

MindEdge Learning Announces PM Skills and Accompanying PMSCP Certification to Help Project Leaders achieve Real-World Success

/PRNewswire/ -- Edtech firm, baptized for a date on Sept. 14, 2021 --. Learning with MindEdge Mind Edges is a learning tool. today announced the announcement that the launch of the new aircraft. PM SkillsTM and PMSCPTM certifications PMASTM Certification and/or PMCSCP certification. , a program designed to improve project management and interpersonal skills for team leaders. The first-of-its-kind series of courses that are developed by MindEdge and provides project managers and team leaders across industries with the skills, tools and organizational behaviors that will impact on team performance and project success. The PMSCPTM certification exam is the final exam for learners. The certificate is a digital badge.

As part of the philosophy of 15 years of experience with the highest quality project management training, PM SkillsTM believes that interpersonal skills can impact project success. The PM SkillsTM program builds on the human factor, the critical role that project managers must play in their success. "For a number of years, project leaders have been trained in the tools, techniques and procedures of project management, but have limited access to resources that focus on the project, so they can't find the best way to do it. skills skills: skills that ability skills a skills qualification skill skill skills skill learning skills. Skills skills Skills qualification skills They need to lead effectively. The PM SkillsTM courses and PMSCP certification are designed to help practitioners close that skills gap, said Daniel Picard, PM- Skills Managing Director.

In spring 2021, MindEdge conducted a survey of 185 project leaders and asked them to rank the most important project management skills. Most respondents considered communication, leadership, analysis, team development, and critical thinking the most essential skills. These skills are generally considered interpersonal skills, because they translate well across different teams and relationships. PM SkillsTM courses are designed specifically for interpersonal skill development. They include work on communication, conflict management, critical thinking, decision making, negotiation, and others, so project managers can become expert leaders in their field.

As the remote workforce continues to increase, project management, strong interpersonal skills and a strong ability to lead co-located teams will become more essential. As far as companies lag back to office plans, 49% of respondents to MindEdge Learning's second annual survey showed that there are more fewer people who have been delayed, and 48% of those who say the second year The Age of Hybrid Workforce 2021-21, The Progress of the Hybd Workers Age. Many employees want the flexibility to work remotely. According to the survey, workers say they would like to spend about three days a week in their office or in the place of work, and 27% say that they'd like only one or two days in that office.

"In a hybrid workplace environment and with many companies delaying their return to office plans, companies need leaders who have mastered interpersonal and communication skills to manage difficulties," said Jennifer Adams, managing director of PM SkillsTM. In a global and remote workforce, these skills are needed to not only drive business, but also to achieve crucial business goals and maintain profitable operations.

The full list of courses includes:

  • Negotiation
  • Communication communication
  • Conflict Management is the key to winning a conflict.
  • Interdisciplinary skills for Project Leaders are required in the context of project leaders.
  • Thinking and Decision-Making Critical Thinking are critical ideas and decisions that make a decision.
  • Leadership leadership Leadership Leadership in leadership leadership
  • Team Development
  • Interaction and engagement are both involved and engaged.
  • Change Management
  • Problem-Solving and Problems-Selting are also relevant.
  • Embracing Risk and Uncertainty - Introducing Risks and Intolerables Defy Risk, Investing in the Future.
  • Tailoring and Adaptability are both adaptive and adaptable.
  • Planning and Project Planning Planning & Design (CEPD)
  • Expanding focus and alignment will improve the focus of the project.
  • Certification exam exam PMSCPTM exam, Certification Exam, PMCSCP exam.

A previous certificate or experience must not be required to take the courses, but all courses must be completed before taking the PMSCPTM certification exam. For more details about PM SkillsTM, the PMSCPTM certification and corporate solutions to help your company's project leaders succeed, visit the website. PM Skills website.

About MindEdge Learning

MindEdge's mission is to improve the world'' learning experience. The company served three million learners since its founding in 1988 by the Harvard and MIT educators. MindEdge's approach to best practices in online education focuses on learners' needs across the spectrum of higher education, professional development, skills training and continuing education. MindEdge is based in Waltham, Mass. Find out more about this article. .

About PM SkillsTM

PM SkillsTM and the other two of us, and PMSCPMCTM is the PM-SPCTM. Certification is about going beyond abstract concepts. The training will be practical application of the skills, tools and organizational behaviors that impact the team's performance and project' success. PM SkillsTM is a core of MindEdge Learning's 15 years of experience in offering high quality project management training. It is the foundation of the project-management and project leader training environment. Visit the site. PM SkillsTM website is PM-computer. Learn more.

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