Kevin Jonas Raises The Stakes With A Lie Detector Challenge in Claim To Fame

Kevin Jonas Raises The Stakes With A Lie Detector Challenge in Claim To Fame ...

According to Kevin Jonas, the most powerful weapon a player can have in Claim To Fame is a good poker face. The challenge that the contestants will be faced with during the August 15 episode will demonstrate how honest some players are and how adept they are at lying through their teeth.

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Kevin jokes, "Just because you went to college doesn't mean anything," Frankie Jonas replies. "Just because you didn't go to college doesn't mean you're more special than me."

Tonights challenge is a casino theme. The players have no clue what they're up against with this next challenge. Logan refers to poker as the devils game, which suggests he's proficient with it.

Kevin explains that this is a special individual challenge. One at a time, the participants will be placed in the hot seat, normally where the dealer is located. Everyone else will be players around the table. The six players will have 5 minutes to chat and debate questions for the player in the hot seat.

The moment is changing.

The player in the hot seat will be able to respond in whatever manner they like. However, the person will be hooked up to a lie detector. If they do not have a good poker face, they will likely be exposed.

Adria Biles, better known as Louise, admits that she's a terrible liar right off the bat. I don't have a great poker face, but that's not going to help me, she says. Claim To Fame airs Mondays on ABC at 10 p.m.

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