Jake Borelli Teases Big Season 19 Changes: The New Interns Will Change Everything

Jake Borelli Teases Big Season 19 Changes: The New Interns Will Change Everything ...

The popular medical will be back for another season this autumn, with five new interns joining Grey Sloan. On top of that, Meredith Grey will only be seen onscreen for eight episodes in season 19, as Ellen Pompeo takes on a limited role. In the next episode, HollywoodLife talked about Greys Anatomy's future with less Meredith and more interns.

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Jake told HollywoodLife at the HCA TV Awards on August 13 that the great thing about Greys is that it reinvents itself every few years, even every year. It's going to be a very, very interesting season for sure.

Jake believes this new intern class will bring a whole new energy to the program. The actor said he's been eager to meet his new castmates: Adelaide Kane, Midori Francis, Niko Terho, Alexis Floyd, and Harry Shum Jr. It's going to be fantastic, he said.

Schmitt was nearly walked away from medicine for good after losing a patient. He ended up returning to the hospital only to see the Grey Sloans residency program halted for the time being. Despite this shocking turn, Schmitt will be rebuilding his confidence.

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Jake teased that he is certainly growing in his abilities. Were going to see him act like an OG surgeon in and of himself because he is no longer the bottom of the barrel. It's going to be a really cool interaction with these new interns.

Since Nico and Schmitt havent remarried in season 19, Schmitt will still be single. Levi is a free agent in that sense, and im hoping someday he will find his way back to the hospital.

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