Adele Made This Part Of Easy On Me In The Shower

Adele Made This Part Of Easy On Me In The Shower ...

Adele returned in October 2021 after a six-year hiatus, describing how she grieved the loss of her beloved wife. The emotional song went viral on Twitter, with followers calling it a masterpiece. Adele never gave up. She is making us all call our therapists, according to one fan.

Adele said in an October 2021 interview with Vogue that her son, Angelo, helped shape the theme of her upcoming fourth studio album, 30. "I wanted to explain to him through this record, when he's in his teens or thirties, who I am and why I voluntarily chose to destroy his entire existence in pursuit of my own happiness," Adele said. During an Instagram Live that month, a fan asked Adele to explain what her upcoming album would be about.

Adele disclosed that her breakup with Konecki prompted Easy On Me to create a song that she felt I was lost. I composed the verse for Easy On Me while I was showering. I also composed the chorus later that day.

Adele shared that she came up with the melody for friends' advice throughout her turbulent life. She explained that they told me that they should be gentle with themselves. I need to be patient with myself. It's really hard to believe that you can't make the same mistakes as others.

Adele expresses her desire to swim in the waters of Easy On Me. She admits that she cannot swim because of her childhood. I was never allowed to see the world around me. I had no choice, therefore go easy on me.

She sings about what happens when a relationship fails, despite hard work. I changed who I was to put you both first, but now I give up. The lyrics resonate with many people, and this is why the song has them in their thoughts.

Adele brought her lyrics to life with the release of her Easy On Me music video, which rely on intelligent editing as a potential visual metaphor for the healing process. As she begins a new chapter in the second, colorful half of the video, she realizes that she is not all that happy.

Adeles Easy On Me music video is here.

Adele's "Easy On Me" lyrics may be seen in full below (via Genius).

Verse 1

There isn't much gold in this river.

I've been wetting my hands in forever.

I know there is room in these muddy waters.

Despite this, I can't seem to get myself to swim.

When I am drenched in this silence, I am submerged in it.

Baby, please allow me to intervene.


Baby, go easy on me.

I was still a kid.

I didn't get a chance to speak.

Feel the world around me.

I had no time to think about what I would do.

So please have a good time.

Verse 2

Things must not be left to change.

When we are both so engulfed in our ways, what do we do?

I have to admit how much effort I've put into it.

To make you both first, I changed who I was.

I've decided to give up.


Baby, go easy on m.

I was still a kid.

Didn't get the chance to participate in the Olympics.

Feel the beauty of the world around me.

Had no time to think about what I wanted to do.

So, please have a good time.


I had good intentions.

The greatest hopes

Mais, I don't know right now.

It probably doesn't even exist.


Baby, please go easy on me.

I was still a child.

I didn't get the chance to participate in the show.

Feel the world around me as I watch it.

I had no time to make the decision.

So go easy on me.

Adele's fourth album, 30, is now available to stream.

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This article was published on 10.15.21.

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