This article explains everything you need to know about using your new shiny email

This article explains everything you need to know about using your new shiny email ...

Gmail is now more intuitive and intuitive to use. It's been through many changes since its conception in 2004, but this one has the most consistent user experience yet. The new integrated Gmail view was first released as a test on February 11 and then available to Gmail users who have switched off Chat on July 27.

The integrated view is a lifesaver for someone who has an overflowing inbox. It makes key functions of your inbox, chats, and meetings accessible within a single window and easier to switch between. Which were all positive, according to an Adobe survey CNBC reported.

Menu Main

The biggest change in the integrated Gmail layout has to be the main menu that now has four minimalistic display icons on the left sidebar for Mail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet applications. If you remember, the old Gmail had collapsible drop-downs for each app that would reveal information about each.

Chat & Spaces

When you hover over the icons, the screen previews the various applications, which you can then click on to expand or hover over for further options. In Chat, you may choose to open it as a pop-up in the right bottom corner of your screen or expand it completely while still being able to easily switch to Mail, Spaces, or Meet. The pop-up stays open while you work unless you close or minimize it.

A round button (aka bubble) appears at the bottom of the screen when someone sends a message in Chat or Spaces, indicating a notice. Both the notification and the bubble will disappear once you open the message.

Meet the people who love you.

While there isnt a hover option over Meet, clicking on the Meet icon will open up your meetings for the day in a format similar to the old Gmail. You can start a new meeting or join an existing one.


With the new notification bubbles, it's easier to spot a notification. A bubble pop-up or a red dot on your app icons will indicate the number of notifications; however, the number only shows up to 99, and if your notifications exceed that number, it will appear as 99+.

Panel of Collapsible

The three lines on the top left corner of Gmail allow you to see or hide the side panel that displays different inbox labels, chats, and spaces. While the panel is collapsed, you can still navigate between the applications using the collapsed view.

Search the web for information about the company.

Improvements in search results are part of the upgrade to make finding things in your inbox easier. You may also sort your search by Mail or Chat & Spaces. Plus, filters such as attachments, time, and more.

According to Google, the integrated Gmail view intended to make it simpler to transfer important applications like Gmail, Chat, and Meet in one central location. Although it has become the standard Gmail layout, you can still change back to the previous Gmail view at the end of Q2. It might not last much longer since Q2 ended on June 30.

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