Trailer: Forgotten Star Gets Another Chance to Fame: I Used to Be Famous

Trailer: Forgotten Star Gets Another Chance to Fame: I Used to Be Famous ...

Netflix has got some really good shows scheduled for September, only making us eager for the month to come already. This is the teaser for the forthcoming musical drama I Used to Be Famous, which is expected to enthuse our hearts. Directed by Eddie Sternberg, the film stars Ed Skrein, Eoin Macken, and Lorraine Ashbourne.

I Used to be Famous revolves around the journey of a forgotten pop star who wants to return to his musical life. He meets an autistic drummer who sparks his interest. And just like that, the two come together and take on their journey to fame.

A sudden jam session that follows an unexpected friendship between the two musicians will be a journey that is not to be missed. Vince, who wants his previous life back but is unable to find his spark, continues to work on his solo album but is harmed by the people he shows his music to.

He sets up his equipment in a market and begins to play his instrument. However, a young boy sitting next to him starts beating his drumsticks to the tune he is playing. This interests him as the pair receive a round of applause from the people around him.

Vince gets into a confrontation with Stevie's mother while trying to defend him. The pair meet in person to practice their performance and embark on their first gig.

Stevie's mother is worried for her son as she pushes Vince away, and this is a time for him to adjust. As Vince sees a new path for himself, his friendship with Stevie only grows stronger.

As they grab the opportunity given to them to fulfill their dreams, the film promises to take us on a beautiful journey between two musicians with very different yet similar lives.

Netflix's I Used to Be Famous will be released on September 16, 2022.

Watch the Trailer for "I Used to Be Famous" now.

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