Breakdown of the Seoul Vibe Trailer: Race, Chase, Money Laundering, and More

Breakdown of the Seoul Vibe Trailer: Race, Chase, Money Laundering, and More ...

Netflix is ready to transport you to Seoul, where the Olympics took place in 1988. Now, taking us back in time, we have the upcoming film Seoul Vibe, which will take us to the past while also showing us the city while the athletic events take place.

As we near the release of the trailer, viewers are enthralled to see the past that is filled with a completely different kind of chase. Fans are eager to see their favorite actors join forces for this film as we await the release.

Yoo Ah-in, Go Kyung-po, Lee Kyu-hyung, Ong Seong-wu, and Kim Sung-kyun are among the actors in the film, directed by Moon Hyun-sung.

Breakdown of the Seoul Vibe Trailer

The Seoul Vibe trailer starts off with a close up shot of a mixtape that acts as the BGM during the teaser. Then, cars gather as they prepare for some street racing and we see our protagonist Dong Wook dominating the track already.

Dong Wook is a street racer, but his abilities are no joke as he can shift the gears faster than you can detect them. The action then shifts to an attorney who knows them well, approaching Dong Wook and his friends with a task. He seems to keep himself up to date as he knows what the task is.

Dong Wooks' character has already been established as a skilled leader of his group, which is also among the finest drivers out there in the first 40 seconds. As the group receives the assignment to spy on persons suspected of money laundering, the group very smoothly invades her area.

She offers ten million won per delivery to the group, making it seem so simple; however, it isn't exactly easy. As the police tighten the security in the city, Dong Wook has to ensure that he completes the task at hand.

Next, we see his friend handing him a mixtape that will keep his speed up, which also demonstrates another interest among the protagonists - some good music.

The general manager Lee Hyun-kyun seems to keep him sane while making some really quick maneuvers with his automobile.

Although he is a cool-headed guy, his driving seems to be putting him in a lot of trouble. Though he does manages to get out of it fairly easily, others are also scared.

A sequence of scenes follows when Don Wook discusses his belief that he is the greatest driver.

The trailer concludes with a scene of Dong Wook opening up parachutes before landing, and another scene of him jamming to the new mixtape with his pals.

Seoul Vibe will be released on Netflix on August 26, 2022.

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